Dame of Owls

A. M. Belrose
Dame of Owls


kindle self-publishing
Release Date
December 2013
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Obsidian, Dame of Owls, is a knight of the Winter Court. She is used to grand battles, hardships, and is very skilled in general dragon slaying. What she's not used to is playing kidnapper and delivery woman for the Winter Queen's whims, but what Her Majesty says is law. Irritating, boring, troublesome law.

Chris just got out of prison, which would be more impressive if he'd even been arrested for a good reason. All he wants is to live a quiet life, keep his head down, and shelve books. Beautiful women marching into his store is a plus, certainly, but not a requirement.

The pissed off, violent Summer Knight that follows her is not on Chris's agenda at any point. Or, as it turns out, Sid's. She has no idea why her enemies want him, why her queen wants him, or, to be frank, why she wants him. Chris and Sid find themselves caught up in a war that has lasted lifetimes, court politics that have lasted longer, and each other. Which one is likely to end up the most dangerous?


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