The Goddess of Blackwater Pond

Nicolette Grey
The Goddess of Blackwater Pond

Hot Ink Press
Release Date
January 2014
Erotic Romance

Lena Walker is discouraged by life's pitfalls. Her inability to conceive a child, disillusionment with her job, and struggle to connect with her husband, have left her wondering exactly where she fits into the grand scheme of things. When she sees the listing for the rustic cabin on Blackwater Pond, she recognizes it for what it is - a distraction from the disappointments of her ordinary life and a chance to reconnect with her past.
What begins as an innocent summer project soon spirals into mystery and deceit. In short order, her best friend disappears and her husband becomes estranged. Alone and vulnerable, Lena finds herself drawn in by her exotic neighbor, a Norwegian artist with a penchant for nature and mythology. Slowly, she allows herself to be seduced, only to fall head over heels in love.
But who is the man who has stolen her heart, and, more importantly, what is his ultimate objective? THE GODDESS OF BLACKWATER POND…be careful what you wish for; your wish might just come true.


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