How To Marry An Heiress

Julia Parks
How To Marry An Heiress
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Musa Publishing
Release Date
November 2013
Book 1 of To Marry An Heiress
Historical Romance, Romantic Comedy

Clarissa vows to help Monty win her cousin, even though she loves him with all her heart.

Desperate to restore Darwood Hall, the derelict estate he will someday inherit, Montgomery Darby is willing to sacrifice himself on the marriage altar and wed an heiress—any heiress will do. Then he meets beautiful Adele and believes his desires and his needs have somehow come together. How can he convince this spoiled heiress have him, a penniless peer? His only hope comes in the form of her cousin, Clarissa, who agrees to teach Monty how to marry an heiress. But Clarissa is so kind, so thoughtful. Can it be that he is courting the wrong cousin?

Clarissa Starnes has always been content with her lot in life, that of the poor relation to her rich and beautiful cousin Adele. But that was before he walked into her life. Just the sight of Montgomery Darby ignites a hidden passion in her breast. Unable to deny Monty anything, she vows to help him win her cousin, even though she loves him with all her heart!

Book Review by Rachel's Willful Thoughts (reviewer)
Feb 21, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Who knew that searching for a bride could be so difficult, especially when you have a shopping list? Julia Parks introduces a new series with HOW TO MARRY AN HEIRESS, which is a delightful story of how true love never seems to follow a pattern, much less a shopping list.

When the Brothers Darby leave the countryside and head to London, their focus is on snaring brides. Much to their chagrin, their father warns them that not just any bride will be suitable. Only through wedding an heiress will their family holdings be retained. While the goal is to find three of these wealthy ladies, the focus for the moment is on the eldest brother, Montgomery.

The three brothers couldn't be more unalike in their personalities. As twins, Montgomery (the elder) and Max, share physical characteristics, but it is clear that Max has more of an adventurous spirit. Tristram, the artistic brother, provides a lighthearted diversion while on the hunt. Montgomery must choose a bride first, and his eyes immediately fall on the most beautiful debutante the ton has to offer. Little does he know that her cousin, Clarissa, has already claimed him, albeit silently, for herself.

What follows is a delightful romp through the courting process. Monty clearly has eyes only for Adele, and devises a number of ways to persuade the spoiled young lady that life with a country gentleman is just what she needs. Take one very self-absorbed young miss, one love-struck swain and one very determined wall-flower, and you have a recipe for true love--for at least two of them.

Does Monty really know what he wants or is he blinded by Adele's physical and financial attributes? Will he give up a chance at happiness just to save his estate? One thing is clear--there is never a dull moment when the Darby brothers go courting. Throw in some rather enterprising schemes from the younger brothers, and you will never look at a spider in quite the same way.

The author has created a fun read that combines a traditional storyline with a good dose of humor. It is a gentle romance with attention focusing on the development of the story, complete with the required dastardly villain. There is a solid foundation laid for sequels in order to create happily-ever-afters for the other two brothers. I look forward to reading the next installments.
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