One Taste of Scandal

Heather Hiestand
One Taste of Scandal
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Release Date
December 2013
Book 2 of The Redcakes
Historical Romance

A cup of sugar…a dash of cream….and a craving for a cake decorator that won't be denied…

When Captain Judah Shield learns he is more bastard than noble born, he goes in search of his true lineage. Determined not to lean on his family's wealth, he accepts a job managing Redcake's Tea Shop. Despite the flurry of excitement a single soldier creates among the staff, Judah clearly has no time for a wife. Though what man doesn't have time for a delectable beauty like lovely Magdalene Cross?...

He has the bearing of an English gentleman and the fiery touch of a true rake. Which is precisely why Magdalene must avoid Judah if she hopes to escape her family's reputation for scandal. Surely no good can come from a man whose kiss leaves her hungry for more. Certainly not the kind of marriage that could restore her social status. Still, Magdalene cannot help imagining what an incredible wedding night it would be—and when fate steps in, she may not have to imagine after all…

"One Taste of Scandal is a delicious, multi-layered Victorian treat." --Gina Robinson, author of The Last Honest Seamstress and the Agent Ex series

Book Review by Rachel's Willful Thoughts (reviewer)
Mar 12, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It is more than cake frosting that has Judah Shield's attention in Heather Hiestand's ONE TASTE OF SCANDAL, the second book in the Redcakes series.

Shield, fresh from a military tour in India, has been out of London long enough to forget that there are certain rules that must be followed when dealing with the ton. When he encounters the lovely Magdalene Cross, he isn't fazed by her being the member of a rather illustrious family. Instead, he offers her a job decorating cakes at Redcake's Tea Shop and Emporium. What follows is a well-orchestrated dance as the two explore a growing attraction.

Although designed as a standalone novel, there were enough tidbits dropped throughout the book that made me wish I had started the series with the first installment. Starting the series from the beginning would have introduced the characters, many of which play key roles in the second book.

For about two-thirds of the book, the author keeps the pace very mellow and genteel. However, when she turns on the heat, it comes at full blast. She proves that ONE TASTE OF SCANDAL may not be enough for Judah and Magdalene, no matter what the rest of London might think.

To further muddy the social waters, Judah has discovered that the identity of his father is in question, which creates all sorts of problems, especially his eligibility in the Marriage Mart.

Readers will find ONE TASTE OF SCANDAL provides a glimpse into the merchant side of Regency London, complete with a rag-a-muffin newsboy. For readers who like immediate thrills and intricate plot twists, my recommendation is to start with the first book in order to fully enjoy the second.
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