The Temp

Mia Moore
The Temp


Mia Moore
Release Date
October 2013
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Brett Kelso is just another guy in his late 20's. He loves his parents, and has a nice business owning a shop in the suburbs. He also has a private… very private side. He's never been much for dating, what girl would ever understand his special turn ons?

He has a deep need to be restrained and beaten by a strong, Dominant woman. He's been going to ‘appointments' with varied professionals for six years.

Brett's Dad owns a distribution company in the city and has decided to retire. This move leads to Brett taking over the company rather than sell it. Dad's secretary is also retiring, but she's hired a Temp for a month to tide Brett over.

Diana Mathers, ten years older than Brett appears at the office. She's professional, competent and voluptuous as hell. Brett is so turned on watching her at work that he needs a session with a Pro-Domme and makes an appointment (with special requests) for that night at Essence, the dungeon he deals with.

At Essence, he's astonished to find that his Temp has a side career when Diana appears as his Domme for the evening. During their scene, Diana forces Brett to face himself and his desires in a way he never had before.
And that's just the beginning. Teaching by example, Diana begins to mold Brett into what a good submissive can become. And begins to reveal to him how much more intense a Power Exchange relationship can be.


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