Kaitlin Maitland
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Loose Id LLC
Release Date
January 2015
Book 3 of Boston Avant-Garde
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Desiree is tired of picking her sex partners based on their bank accounts and family connections. She's ready to end her dry spell with a bang, no matter what it takes. When her quest for the ultimate one-night stand leads her into a bar called Jack's, she'll find exactly what she's looking for.

Nicolai Anastas doesn't do long-term commitments. He's an expert at saying goodbye. One night and a wiling partner is usually all he needs. When a sassy socialite stumbles into his bar, he's ready to send her back to her mansion. But Desiree isn't willing to take no for an answer. She's ready to say yes all night long.

Sex isn't going to be enough to bridge the gap between Desiree's affluent family and Nicolai's humble origins. It's going to take a deeper, more profound need to love and be loved to wipe away the past and forge a future for two people who were born worlds apart, but belong side by side.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Feb 01, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When good girl gone wild Desiree meets bad boy gone good Nicolai, they redefine the term 'lust at first sight'. Even though they're miles apart in social status, they couldn't be a better match for one another.

Desiree Aasen wants sex. Down and dirty, mutually satisfying, no-strings attached, one-night-stand sex. She's sick of following the rules that have been insisted on since birth. She is ready to be bad. When a night out leads her to a bar called Jack's, Desiree finds more than she bargained for in the delectable bad boy owner, Nicolai Anastas. Knowing instinctively that this man would rock her world, Desiree propositions Nicolai, refusing to take no for an answer.

Even though Nicolai tries to be a gentleman and discourage her advances, the delicious sight of Desiree has him unable to resist. Nicolai doesn't do strings, and it's clear that this little socialite is a veritable marionette, but he can't seem to say no to her, no matter how much he should. A recovering gambling addict, Nicolai can't risk losing control of himself, and he sees that happening when Desiree is around.

The two can't get enough of one another, and although they're from totally different worlds, nothing seems to matter once they are together. To make a real relationship work, Nicolai will have to let his little troublemaker make her own choices and Desiree will have to show her big bad boy that he's worthy of all the love she has to give.

IMPETUOUS is book 3 in the Boston Avant-Garde series and can be read as a standalone novel. However, I recommend picking up all the books in this series as they're all fantastic!

Desiree is a phenomenal character, wanting desperately to be her own person but trapped in the undertow of society and privilege. She thinks she's being bad by having casual sex with a sexy and dangerous bartender, but she finds so much more than she ever dreamed of. Nicolai supports her unconditionally once he accepts that she's meant to be his. While a bit overprotective at times, he recognizes that Desiree has been stifled her entire life and he's happy to help her safely explore her wild side.

The creep factor was evident with Desiree's future brother-in-law Jackson making unwanted advances on Desiree right before the wedding. Even though most of her family turns against her, Nicolai quietly stands by her side offering unwavering support. He is exactly what she needs to center herself and be her own person. It was fun to see characters from previous books back in IMPETUOUS, especially Desiree's brother Erik, with his arrogant yet caring nature toward Desiree.

And the sex is beautifully done, not overkill at all despite there being numerous scenes. It's all fairly vanilla but so sensual and delicious. Pick up IMPETUOUS for a quick read that will be sure to warm you up during this deep freeze!
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