Training Travis

Cathleen Tully
Training Travis


The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
December 2013
Contemporary Romance

Two professionals with a past--can they keep it strictly business when the passion reignites?

Travis sat opposite Becca so he could watch her cook. When she turned to place the bottle on the counter, he noticed she was wore a pair of pointy high heels. Damn. She looked good in anything she wore. He couldn't help think she looked great in everything that was underneath too.
In an effort to get his mind off her curves and avoid the embarrassment of being caught staring, he said, "So where did you learn to cook?"
Rebecca opened the broiler and turned the pork chops. "Television." She placed the fork on the spoon rest and covered the cooked carrots with foil. "What's so funny?"
His laugh was husky and low. "That's where I learned. I'm surprised Liz hasn't bragged about my culinary skills by now."
Rebecca smiled. "She has mentioned you make one mean marinara sauce."
He shook his head. "Leave it to a kid to only remember spaghetti sauce." She held out a wooden spoon filled with salad greens she had just tossed for him to taste.
When Travis' tongue flicked over his lips, her knees went a little weak.
"What is this dressing? It's delicious." He took the spoon from her hand and ate the remainder.
When he licked his fingers, she groaned inwardly.
"Homemade vinaigrette," she answered weakly.
Travis handed her the wooden spoon and the tips of their fingers touched. Hers tingled. Now more than ever, she knew whatever barrier she had thought she put between them no longer existed.
God help her.


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