Elizabeth's Destiny: A Kinky Historical Romance

Jolynn Raymond
Elizabeth's Destiny: A Kinky Historical Romance


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Release Date
November 2012
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

Though this is a historical romance, this book contains graphic BDSM sex. Elizabeth is the unwilling victim of sexual slavery, forced into the harem of a sadistic man. Maxwell is callous and cruel, and cares nothing for the women he kidnaps. He is not a hero or a character you will love at first sight. The lovers in my stories must fight hard for their happily ever afters. Nothing comes easy or quick.

Packed off by her mother and the church elders because of her rebellious nature, lovely Elizabeth Thornton finds herself living in India. She has been sent there to be trained as a Zenana missionary, but fate has other things in mind. Maxwell Harrison is a rogue with few morals. His job is to capture and train beautiful women in the art of sadistic passion for his cruel employer's harem. He sets his sights on Elizabeth the moment he sees her, knowing she will be a golden treasure among the other women, a unique toy in a gilded toy box. Once properly trained, she will make an exquisite sex slave. Beautiful and schooled in the art of pain and pleasure, taught to crave the lash, always ready to be taken whenever she is desired.

Elizabeth's spirit struggles against her fate, and though her body responds to Maxwell's teachings, she cannot stop her fight for freedom. Maxwell has never cared for any of the women he has abducted, but he cannot deny what he feels for his latest captive. Once love touches his heart, Maxwell knows he cannot turn Elizabeth over to his boss, but freedom isn't easily obtained. They are trapped within the palace walls, and within the city itself. Jeeval is rich and powerful, and doesn't take kindly to those who wish to steal his possessions. To stay means Elizabeth will become a concubine, lost to Maxwell forever. To flee means to risk death, but life without each other is no life at all. Can they escape and find their happily ever after, or will their quest for freedom cost them everything?


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