Master of the Sun

Melinda Barron
Master of the Sun
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Loose Id
Release Date
January 2011
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Calliope Ingalls had it all: a loving Dom who was also her husband, and a great job that took her all over the country. But it all came crashing down when her husband died unexpectedly. Not sure what to do, she retreated inside herself, shutting off everyone as she wished for the impossible. But there was still work to be done.

When Calliope finally agreed to photograph the construction at his new hotel, Silas Hope was thrilled. His attraction to the sub was strong, and he wanted nothing more than to see her bound in his dungeon for both their pleasure.

To do that, though, Silas would have to convince her to open up to him, mind, body and soul. He knew what Calliope liked, because he'd witnessed her submission firsthand. Now all he had to do was get her to let him wrap his ropes around her wrists and put the kiss of his leather on her bottom.

But while the two of them are exploring a new Dom/sub relationship, another force is at work in Augstown, one that shows that some spirits don't like change...especially when they've been around for four hundred years.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Strong BDSM theme and elements, dubious consent.

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Feb 14, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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MASTER OF THE SUN is a story with intense emotion, wonderful characters and paranormal activity all wrapped up in a BDSM romance with a hot Dom, erotic lovin' and happy ending. What more could a girl ask for?

Calliope Ingalls' whole world was gone in an instant. While on a job for another Dom's new hotel project, her husband and Master dies suddenly, and she's left all alone. She retreats to their home and isolates herself from the world. Fifteen months later, she's forced to either take a new job or lose her agent, so she accepts only to find out she's to return to the site of her husband's death.

Silas Hope is ecstatic that Calliope is returning to his hotel to work for him, but he'd be even happier if he could make the sub his own. He knows that she's not quite ready to submit to another Dom yet, but he's willing to push her a bit. As they work on a possible new D/s relationship, there are strange occurrences that are happening around the grounds of the hotel. But when they figure out the nature of their supernatural problem, Silas hopes that their bond is strong enough to hold Calliope to him forever.

I really enjoyed this book, but I have to say that my favorite aspect of it, hands down, was Silas Hope. Sexy, Dominant, and loving...aka YUMMY! I loved the way he pushed Calliope as if he sensed that she was right on the edge of breaking out of her grief for her husband. Many times in the book, he would tell himself that he wouldn't push her, but then turns around to give her a little nudge as if he just couldn't wait to make her his sub.

Calliope wasn't as strong a heroine as I usually like, but the background and insight we get into her character really helped me understand why she acted the way she did as well as why it was so hard for her to trust again. The story was deeply emotional and there were so many times where I just ached for Calliope as she was dealing with her loss. But once she met up with Silas again, the story took on a much more hopeful theme.

The sex was sensual, at times intense, and always had the D/s element involved. This is a moderate BDSM romance. I say that because there is quite a bit of pain play, but it is not extreme. Also there is still a heavy romantic element surrounding all the scenes in the book. Those who are not familiar with the BDSM sub-genre may find it a bit intense in some areas, but I don't think it's enough that anyone should shy away from the book if they have an interest in BDSM romance.

The plot of the book was very well developed. It had two different paths. It was one part a rediscovery of life for a woman who never thought she'd live again, and then there was another part that had a paranormal flair to it. Calliope and Silas try to figure out what's behind all of the unusual happenings around the grounds of the hotel that began when Calliope came back for the job. There were some great secondary characters in the book as well that gave the story a much more well rounded feel.

A great BDSM romance with a paranormal twist. Deep emotion, intense sex, and a strong BDSM component made this book both gripping and erotic and highly enjoyable read.
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