Heart Of Ash

Sabrina York
Heart Of Ash
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Sabrina York
Release Date
October 2013
Book 4 of Tryst Island
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

When Emily Donahue sets eyes on Ash Bristol, she is convinced he's the one she'd been waiting for, her Prince Charming. But wealthy playboy Ash Bristol' has been burned. He's sworn off relationships, vowing to have nothing more than a series of steamy one night stands. So when he meets Emily, the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, he resolves to seduce her, possess her…and walk away.

The passion that ignites between them has him questioning his decision. He begins to suspect he just tossed away the best thing that's ever happened to him…and vows to win her back.

Can he survive the erotic punishment she—and her friends— devise?

Book Review by Jen B (reviewer)
Mar 24, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The fourth book in Sabrina York's Tryst Island series did not start off the way I expected but the path to get to the ending was fantastic. I, for one, love to watch a man grovel!

Ash Bristol is a wealthy man. He has never had to work a day in his life. After a disastrous marriage when his wife told him, on their honeymoon, that she had only married him for his money and then tried to pass her unborn child off as his, he decided one night stands were the only thing he was interested. Woman after woman proved they were only after his money and he was done with them. When he first spots Emily in the island bar, he decides he wants her and sets out to get her.

When Emily Donahue spots Ash in the bar, she feels an immediate draw to him, even if he is with the annoying drunken jerk from the ferry. An almost rape when she was seventeen has left Emily weary of men and a virgin. Ash approaches her on the beach and tricks her onto a smaller island, where they find themselves stuck with no communications. After seducing her, Ash walks away without a thought. Or so he thinks. When life throws Ash a major curveball, he realizes what an idiot he has been and sets out to find Emily, but it's a rocky road when her friends won't help him. When their paths do cross again, Ash finds himself having to do some serious groveling and proving of himself. But can he do enough?

I was definitely prepared to dislike Ash at the beginning of this book. The way he behaved was horrible and I couldn't understand how he could redeem himself. But he does. When his family suffers an almost tragedy, he gets a very different look at his life and he doesn't like what he sees. I rooted for Emily and egged her on to make him make it up to her. For the way he behaves, he should suffer. Emily is a better, and more forgiving, woman than I am and she sees how Ash changes and the effort he makes to prove himself to her.

I really enjoyed this story. It made me yell, it made me laugh and it made me cheer at the end. Sabrina York is really showing her amazing skills in this series by being able to make the reader feel so many emotions and still get some of the hottest sex scenes in there. Great read! I cannot wait for the rest of the series to come out.
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