The Valentine Toast

Nya Rawlyns
The Valentine Toast
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Release Date
February 2014
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Comedy

When a lonesome foodie meets the chef of his dreams, more than the scallops are flambéed.

Alan's the numbers guys, the VP's golden boy until a corporate shuffle leaves him downsized and at loose ends. It's a hit to the wallet and his ego. When Alan turns to the kitchen for solace, no vegetable is safe.

With money tight and their options dwindling, Alan jumps at the offer from Jack's brother-in-law, Ted, to run an audit on the QT. The dealership's in trouble and Ted needs fresh eyes.

For his cooking class, Jack is faced with making comfort food sexy, not as easy a task as it sounds. Alan floats the idea of a contest, pitting the culinary arts students against the senior ladies. When the media find out, it makes a feeding frenzy look tame.

Dealerships and contests leave them little time to plan for their first Valentine's Day, but when it rolls around, they make a toast that will change everything.

Contains bonus recipes: bon appétit

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author,reviewer)
Apr 29, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I always love Nya Rawlyn's stories. I enjoy her style of writing, her sense of humour and her quirky characters. This book was no exception.

I have read The Christmas Toast, where Jack and Alan first met and loved it. Chef meets geeky wannabe chef. What's not to love? And THE VALENTINE TOAST carries on with Jack and Alan's story, and brings the couple more challenges to face and more drama in their lives.

Alan in his 'sullen, irascible and downright closemouthed' mode was adorable. Even fed up, this man was something else. I loved the way Jack wanted his old Liebowitz back and was willing to try anything to move Alan out of his doldrums when he lost his job.

The first scene where Jack comes home to find Alan practising his blowjob technique with a carrot soaked in honey? Priceless. Jack's reaction in going to the fridge and taking out a cucumber and telling Alan that will work better--awesome! Such humour, such foibles in these men's lives that allow them to be comfortable with each other. I loved it.

Nya Rawlins' characters are well drawn, human, full of their own insecurities and yes, strengths too and it just goes to show we need to appreciate both sides of the people we love to co-exist with them. The story is believable, realistic and the couple's tale of defeats, challenges and overcoming obstacles together and with the love they have for each other is just beautiful. Definitely a recommended read when you want something short, sweet and sexy. I can't forget the sexy ;)

And now I'm off to the grocery store to buy carrots, cucumbers and honey. Hey, they're good vegetables. And a girl's gotta eat...
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