Campfire Confessions

Bru Baker
Campfire Confessions
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February 2014

Best friends Case and Mitchell are so inseparable everyone assumes they're dating. Case's dad even buys them a joint gift—a camping trip. Even though Case hates the woods, he wants Mitchell to have a good time. When they discover the trip is a couples' retreat, they have to fake a relationship. Case can't understand why the trust and intimacy exercises the other couples struggle with come so naturally to them. After all, they're not really boyfriends...

A part of the "A Valentine Rainbow" set of 14 holiday stories.

Book Review by Pat Henshaw (author,reviewer)
Mar 02, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A fake relationship turns into real love in this charming valentine vignette.

Case and Mitchell have been together for what seems like forever. That they're best buds doesn't even cover the half of it. And although people might think they're dating or more, they haven't even kissed, or even thought about doing so.

When Case's dad buys them a camping trip as a Valentine's present, Case is surprised and confused. Didn't his dad remember how inept Case was as a scout? But Case is reassured by Mitchell who says he'll take care of him. If there's one thing the clumsy but well-meaning Case knows, Mitchell is as good as his word.

Both guys are surprised, however, when they get to the camp and find it's a couples retreat. Rather than leave and waste Case's dad's money, they decide to stay and fake a relationship.

Readers can imagine the rest: Case and Mitchell find they are more compatible than the other straight couples, and from there, the guys figure out their true relationship. While short and predictable, the story is charming and leaves the reader wanting much more.

Case is a bundle of worries and doubts who needs the more even-keeled Mitchell to reassure him that he won't be eaten by a bear or attacked on a hike. Case relies on Mitchell when his imagination runs away from him.

Mitchell, on the other hand, is the more serious of the two. He needs Case to lighten and brighten his world. Case makes everything the two of them do more fun because of his wild imagination. Case also watches out for Mitchell and tries to make Mitch's path through the world easier.

The guys' bond in the face of the bickering, troubled couples who are their companions on the camping trip points up how stable their relationship is without sex as opposed to the couples who married for sex and are now regretting it. Some of the scenes in the book are laugh out loud enjoyable when Case in particular is stymied by why he and Mitchell seem to be the only ones who're actually getting along well.

While predictable, as a quick, romantic romp, this novella will leave readers with a happy smile.
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