Awakening Her Racy Passion

Tara Rose
Awakening Her Racy Passion
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Siren-Bookstrand Inc
Release Date
February 2014
Book 9 of Racy Nights
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Ria Rodriguez wants to mend her gossipy ways, make up with former BFF, Marisol, and heal the rift she caused in the Racy, Indiana, BDSM community last summer. Sexy twin Doms, Wyatt and Trent Rohan, are more than willing to help her do that. But Ria's romance with both Doms is complicated by a murder she witnesses. The mystery goes deeper than anyone in Racy first imagined.

Paramedic Trent Rohan is drawn to Ria's impulsive behavior, but can he escape the heartbreak in his past and learn to love again? And can he share her with his twin?

Wyatt Rohan has been married to his job as a public defender. Ria is the first woman who has crawled under his skin and this far into his heart. Can he allow himself to love her? Or will she get tired of waiting and choose his twin, instead?

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Jun 07, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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AWAKENING HER RACY PASSION is all about relationships--how they fall apart, how they can be mended, how some are worth the sacrifice, and how some are worth nothing at all.

Ria is not in good standing with the Racy BDSM community after she outed her brother and best friend's ménage relationship last summer. She wants to fix the relationships she has damaged--two of her brothers, her best friend, and other friends--but she is worried no one will accept her apology. She also wants desperately to work on reducing the amount of time she spends gossiping because she knows that is a quality others do not like about her.

When twins Trent and Wyatt Rohan both start paying her a little bit of attention she is thrilled, but fearful of the fact that they are both rooted in Racy's BDSM community. Ria is afraid that Trent and Wyatt's opinion of her will be tarnished by what they hear about her from others. She is also worried that she won't be accepted into their world with their friends.

But Trent and Wyatt both think a relationship with Ria is something worth fighting for and they both want to increase her confidence by helping her achieve her goals. Trent and Wyatt work with Ria to help her set goals and begin introducing her to the BDSM lifestyle by offering her consequences for not achieving her goals. The attention and support of the Rohan twins makes Ria want to challenge herself and be successful--for them and for her.

I am very glad Ria got a story and a chance to redeem herself. Her story is sad and encouraging and sweet. The dynamics of the Rodriguez family are so emotional to read about. It is heartbreaking that in an effort to mend relationships with her brothers, Ria increases the ever growing divide in the family. Ria has to do some serious soul searching and prioritize the people and relationships that matter most to her. Once she figures out what is important and who she really wants to be, she works hard to achieve her goals. Her journey was not an easy one, but once she chose the more difficult path, she was rewarded with better outcomes.

I appreciated the fact that Ria had already set goals for herself before Trent and Wyatt entered the picture; it made her more deserving of the forgiveness she was asking for. The author did a great job of highlighting that insecurity in Ria as well--she was very worried people wouldn't think she was changing on her own but because her new Doms were making her. Trent and Wyatt were perfect--they recognized Ria's insecurities and needs and helped her, step-by-step, to become a more confident person and a sub that could please both of them. And of course Ria, sometimes without even knowing it, was helping Trent and Wyatt heal from past hurts and grow into men who could commit to their new relationship.

I was thrilled when I saw Ms. Rose was writing more Racy stories. I plan to continue with each of them. It's nice to get new stories while also getting quick updates on other Racy couples.
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