Forbidden Bond

Jessica Lee
Forbidden Bond
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Jessica Lee
Release Date
February 2014
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance, Western Romance

Eion Mandrake, wolf shifter and rising alpha, has a secret. The years he spent at school in Little Crow Pass, Wyoming wasn't just for a typical high school education. He'd been sent to learn all he could about life as a human. What he wasn't counting on was his best friend's younger sister, Olivia Wilson. Saving the little daredevil from drowning bonded him to her forever. But pack law dictates no shifter and human are allowed to mate, leaving Eion no choice. He had to leave Little Crow.

Twelve years later, Eion's returned, and all he wants is to get in and get out of town as quickly as possible. Yet, the moment he runs into Olivia he realizes the flame he's carried for the human stills burns hot and out of control.

But Olivia is all grown up now and has a new man in her life--one she can count on to stick around. She's doing her best to move forward and forget her childhood crush. However, Olivia needs Eion's help. Problem is, lowering the wall around his heart to become Olivia's hero once more could destroy both their worlds.

Book Review by Rebecca (author,reviewer)
Mar 14, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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FORBIDDEN BOND by Jessica Lee is an engaging and enthralling story of the seemingly ill-fated love between Olivia Wilson, a human girl, and Eion Mandrake, a wolf shapeshifter.

Olivia is the sister of Eion's best friend while he attends school in a town called Little Crow. Their attraction for each other is apparent even in the first chapter when Olivia is still very young and Eion saves her from drowning. Eion finds himself "bonded" to her, which marks her out as his wolf's soulmate. This would be fine with someone of his own species but it spells disaster because "pack law" dictates, for reasons that seem sensible, that "humans and shifters are forbidden to mate". Eion disappears back to his pack in Screaming Eagle to concentrate on his role as the next alpha and attempts to put it behind him.

We are then re-introduced to the hero and heroine twelve years later when Eion returns to town to sell his godparents' ranch. He intends to go about his business and get out of there, but he finds that he cannot ignore the power of his bond with Olivia or turn his back on either her or her brother again, especially as their own ranch is in danger of going under. Kris, Olivia's brother, has been injured fighting in Afghanistan and is frustrated by his inability to manage the ranch properly. Eion finds himself wanting to help them and having to get past their understandable mistrust and antagonism towards him in order to do so.

Olivia has built a life for herself and has a supportive best friend in Josie and an up and coming vet's practice that she runs with her boyfriend, Taylor. She has always just dismissed the connection between herself and Eion as a teenage crush, but despite Taylor seeming like the perfect man, she has never been able to feel anything close to the chemistry she experienced with Eion. With Eion's return, all her suppressed feelings come back to the surface.

Taylor and her reluctance to hurt him are not the only barriers to their romance. Eion's shapeshifter father, the current alpha, discovers why Eion is dawdling in Little Crow and the survival of both the ranch and their love is threatened by hostile wolves.

Both the heroine and hero were likable, attractive characters and I enjoyed their interaction and the way they developed as people and learned to accept their love for each other. I also liked the fact that the author did not try to belittle Olivia's love for her boyfriend or try and make him anything less than a good person. This made the characters more realistic because real life relationships are not easy or straightforward and, as a reader, you understood Olivia's quandary regarding Taylor and her worries about hurting him.

I enjoyed the author's writing style and use of metaphor and it was good to see things from the perspective of both main characters. For example, at one point, Eion says, "being this close to her was like asking a man lost in Antarctica to refuse the offer of a bonfire." I did think the dialogue between the characters was lively and engaging. My only small criticism would be regarding the love scenes as I think that these could have been written with a little more finesse. Eion says things that come across as very macho when I would have preferred his words to be more romantic. For example, "It was so damn hard to go slow. You feel so good." and "So damn tight." He panted. "So good... Fuck, Liv. Baby..."

There were some aspects of the plot that I did think could be improved on. I would have liked to learn more about what Eion did during his twelve years away from Little Crow. It is a long spell of time and the author just covers it with the explanation that he was preparing to become the next alpha. The forbidden nature of Olivia and Eion's love also raised some questions for me. If mating with humans was so beneath the shifters and such an "abomination", then why was the "bonding" thing even possible between humans and shifters? Also, I never really understood why Eion had been sent to spend time with humans in the first place if it was so important to preserve his place in the pack and there was such antipathy towards human and shifter relationships.

Nevertheless, I would conclude that FORBIDDEN BOND is a romance that is entertaining and well-written. The author draws you in quickly, the characters are believable and the plot is enticing enough to keep you hooked. I would recommend it for any lover of this kind of fantasy romance as a light and absorbing read.
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