Making Choices

Ann Omasta
Making Choices


Release Date
December 2013
Book 2 of The Chances and Choices Duology
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Spice-o-meter Rating: This fun, steamy romance is a solid 7.5, maybe an 8, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being Mild (Your Grandma's diary - let's hope!) and 10 being Ooh La La, I'm blushing, but I can't seem to stop turning the pages (The Fifty Shades of Grey Red Room of Pain).

If YOU love reading about naughty, complicated love-triangles or enjoy fun, contemporary romance novels with surprising twists along the way, get ready to spend the day reading "The Chances and Choices Duology."

In "Taking Chances" (the first half of this fast-paced, exciting story) we met Abigail Brown, a 28-year-old divorcee who had never had an orgasm, much to her chagrin. Despite being self-conscious about what she considered to be her body's 'failings', she had built a terrific life for herself in the quaint, lakeside town of Harbor Shores, Michigan. Abby thought that she had discovered her 'happily ever after' ending when she stumbled upon the perfect man, who showed her the intense sensual bliss that her body was capable of enjoying. Just when you thought you had this book all figured out, some unexpected surprises came along and completely shook up Abby's world.

Now it is time for Abby to make some difficult decisions in the second half of her story, "Making Choices." Who will Abby choose? Who should Abby choose? She has made a mess of her life. Will she be able to fix it? The wait is over. Find out now in "Making Choices."

Get your copy of "Making Choices" now because it's a great day to relax and enjoy reading a terrific new book that you won't want to put down!


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