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Cherise Sinclair
Make Me, Sir
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Loose Id
Release Date
January 2011
Book 5 of Masters of the Shadowlands
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Lawyer/FBI Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Her job is to make his life miserable. His job is to make her submit. Whose heart will surrender first?

Across the country, rebellious BDSM submissives are being systematically kidnapped, one from each club. When her friend falls prey to the slavers, FBI victim specialist Gabrielle volunteers to be bait in a club not yet hit: the Shadowlands.

She finds that being a bratty sub comes naturally, especially when she gets to twit the appallingly conservative Master of the trainees. But she soon discovers he's not as stuffy as she'd thought. Or as mean. She'd expected punishment, even humiliation, but she sure never expected to fall in love with a damned lawyer.

Courtesy of a prima donna ex-wife, Marcus loathes disobedient submissives. When the club owner insists he admit an incredibly bratty trainee, he's furious. But as he comes to know Gabrielle and sees the alluring sweetness beneath the sass, he starts to fall for her.

Unfortunately, Marcus isn't the only one who believes the feisty redhead is a prize worth capturing. And in the world of the slaver, such treasure is worth a hefty fee.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, strong BDSM theme and elements, violence.

Book Review by Admin (author,reviewer)
Feb 04, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The Club Shadowlands series by Cherise Sinclair is a favorite of many TRR reviewers. In the spirit of community, Debbie, Michelle R, Rebecca and Rho have come together to write a joint review on Ms Sinclair's newest installment, MAKE ME, SIR, now available at Loose Id.

Each book in the Club Shadowlands' series is a romance story centered on a Club Shadowlands' Master Dominant. MAKE ME, SIR is the story of Master Marcus and FBI social worker Gabrielle. Gabrielle has been sent to Shadowlands to act as a decoy for the FBI in an attempt to uncover a ring of kidnappers targeting submissives who play in club settings.

Michelle: Ok ladies, we have to start off as always by giving MAKE ME, SIR a rating. So what do you say?

I'll start. I'm going with 5 STARS. *stands up and applauds* As always, Ms Sinclair had me riveted. I downloaded the book at midnight and fell asleep holding onto my Kindle. There just wasn't an easy place to put this one down! The entire day I just kept telling myself, "I'll go start a load of laundry after just a little bit more…" **shakes head** Clearly, I have an addiction to the Shadowlands' Masters.

Rho: I don't think there is any other option for me than 5 stars. I'd give it a whole lot more if I could. I loved Marcus and Gabi's story. It held me entranced and made me laugh, cry, and scream at my Kindle screen a bit, but all the while I was awed at how Cherise Sinclair has written such an amazing and original story...AGAIN!

Rebecca: Absolutely 5 STARS and even though I'd give each of her Shadowlands books this same rating, this book tops them all for me. Ms Sinclair sets the bar for the BDSM erotica genre, especially with her hot dominant alpha males.

Debbie: Absolutely a 5 star rating. I would rate it higher if I could. Like Rebecca, even though I have loved all of her books, to me this was by far the best. She just keeps getting better with each installment.

Rho: Ok, I think it's been firmly established that I LURVE my hot alpha men, and I love it even more when they fall hard for their woman. Who's left of the unattached Masters that you can't wait to watch fall?

For me is going Master Raoul! He's got that quiet strength that is extremely sexy and he's so tender at times as well. I would love to see him get a little hot under the collar. But I really want to see how he'll use his talent with ropes on her. *shivers*

Michelle: *eyes twinkling at Rho's idea* I love a book with Shibari! It actually calls to my inner fashionista. The designs those rope masters can make are fascinating and breathtaking. I've got my fingers crossed. Maybe Nolan and Raoul can do something together.

Rho: *snorts* Fashionista. LMAO And here I am just wanting to get tied up.

Debbie: I would love to see Master Raoul with a smart mouthed bratty sub like Gabi. I would love to see him get flustered and see just how he handles it. Master Holt is fairly new. I would like to see him put through a few paces to see how he would handle the pressure.

Rebecca: I've got to see those FBI agents we met in MAKE ME, SIR fall for their perfect sub. I just know there has to be some smoking stories Sinclair has in store for them. If not, I've got some ideas myself for Galen and Vance. *wink wink*

Rho: Well, Rebecca, are you thinking of a hot federal agent sandwich maybe? Because that sounds pretty darn yummy! Two alphas for the price of one. LOL

Michelle R: I know it should be Raoul or Sam, but I am all in with you on the FBI agents! And the whole ménage / polyamorous relationship is exactly where my mind was going!! *grins, lost in a daydream* We are smutty kindred spirits, aren't we?

Debbie: Master Holt is a new addition to Shadowlands. How did you feel about him when he took Gabi so far that she blacked out and froze? I was really mad at Master Holt for doing that to her. I know they were trying to get some answers for her behavior but he was making me so angry at him for how he was treating her and what he was saying to her. Once the scene was over and I saw how scared he got and how he did actually care, it changed my opinion of him a little. I would love to see him get his own book and end up with a submissive that is hard to control and then see how he handled the situation. What do you other ladies think?

Michelle R: It would be interesting to learn more about Holt. I thought Sinclair used him in a clever way to develop the plot. The scene would have played out differently if it had been Marcus who triggered her flashback and catatonia. Either she would have not responded as strongly, because she had some basic trust in Marcus, or it could have swung the other way and really destroyed the foundation they'd built. In the same way, I also liked how the FBI's demand for secrecy meant Z had to stay quiet, and his usual insights couldn't be shared so readily with the doms. All of this worked to drive them to the climax. Really, such brilliant use of secondary characters. Brilliant.

Rebecca: It's always so difficult for me to use the term "climax" when reviewing these books. *wink* Well done, Michelle. I know. All of the Masters' true spirit and compassion came out at that point and I fell in love with them all over again. An alpha male with a sensitive side - that's the perfect combination for me.

Rho: The thing I took away most from that scene was just how important honest communication is between any sub and Dom. I mean, if Gabi had been honest (or at least been able to be honest) the whole thing could have been avoided. However, I loved Holt's response. He seems to be on the younger side as far as the Doms/Masters are concerned but he seemed to have it together and know how to take care of a sub. I hope we get to see a whole lot more of him.

Michelle: Honesty IS critical with BDSM play. Even though she didn't know she had the trigger, if she'd filled out the questionnaire honestly, they would have been better prepared.

Rebecca: I enjoyed the sub-plot of Jessica and Z that was incorporated into this book. The other books focused solely on one couple and it was unexpected to get so much information on the others. I really felt like we got to catch up with all the other couples. Which of all the couples is your favorite and why?

Master Cullen & Andrea are my favorite couple. Watching her struggle to trust herself as well as believe she was worthy of Cullens' love was powerful. But I think much of why I like this couple hinges on the scene when Cullen goes to Andrea's aunt's home during her grandmother's birthday party. That scene melted my heart. His commitment to the developing relationship couldn't be questioned after that.

Rho: I love how Andrea calls Master Cullen "Senor". LOL. And that scene you are talking about is one of my absolute favorites in the whole book. I like that Master Cullen seems so easy going and then you say something wrong and you may end up being a bar ornament!

Michelle R: *turns red* A bar ornament. That's been my nightmare since Jessica sat atop his bar. Jessica and Z will always be first for me. Even though the teacher in me relates to Kari, I think I spiritually connected more to Jessica. I'd want to beat the doody out of anyone, even a mean scary dom, if I thought one of my girls was unhappy. It would be instinctual and I'd end up in as much trouble as she does. I think my mouth may be even worse than hers too. Z's maturity and his ability to nurture and pick up on others fascinates me. They are both so strong and different, and yet so perfect together. *sighs* Yep. MAKE ME, SIR really satisfied that need to get more J and Z.

Rebecca: I related to Jessica and was sooo excited to hear more about her and Z too. When an author can revisit a character from a previous book and weave them into the story so that they are essential to the storyline, I call that genius.

Rho: Oooh, that's a hard one. I feel like every time I read a new book in the series, I like that couple the best! LOL I have to say that Master Marcus and Gabi have been my favorite couple. I am such a sucker for Southern gentlemen (this Yankee has been married to one for the last 10 years!) and I just loved how Gabi came in and turned Master Marcus' world upside down and made him reevaluate everything he thought he wanted in a sub. I loved the strength of conviction and character in both Marcus and Gabi, championing for those who have been hurt by others--trying to make it right for the victims again. And the fact that they burned up the sheets together....well that's just the icing on the cake!

Michelle R: Ohh. Rho, I was raised in Texas, so that man curled my toesies too. *sheepish grin* That southern drawl is my undoing!

Rho: Yep, gotta love that Southern drawl. My hubby still knows how to win me over by using that. *blushes*

Debbie: I love Master Marcus. I'm with you ladies. That southern drawl just makes me melt. Every time he was call her darlin' my knees just went weak.

**collective sigh**

Michelle R: I thought this book was chock full of tension - sexual tension, sensual tension, emotional tension, and suspense-filled tension, thanks to those kidnappers. Without revealing too much, what was your favorite tension filled moment?

I've got to go with the tension between Marcus and Gabi when they tried to maintain control of themselves. He's thinkin' "I'm her trainer not her Master. I can't do that." And she's busy thinking, "This isn't real. I am just here as a decoy to catch the kidnappers." And the two of them are working so hard to keep it professional and not fall in love. All that holdin' back just about killed me. **looks at her nails** I need a new manicure. I just didn't handle all that angst well at all.

Rho: I'm just going to say two words: HOT STUFF. *shivers* I think those of you who have read the book will know exactly what I mean. I get goose bumps just thinking about that scene. Master Marcus is an unbelievable Dom. *sigh*

Michelle: *bouncing in her seat* I know exactly the part you are talking about. Have mercy! *fans herself* She may be funny, but she sure gets her rump in trouble. *wink, wink*

Rho: Yeah, I felt like a lot of their great intense scenes started out with or ended with humor. I loved that about them as a couple.

Rebecca: I loved the humor between Marcus and Gabi too. It made them real to me... and I was just a bit envious of their ease and chemistry as a couple.

Debbie: My favorite tension filled moment was the way Gabi felt during the candle play. And then what happened at the end of it. But I was also on the edge of my seat at the docks. OMG that was a tense few pages of reading.

Rebecca: OK... my tense moment that just won't leave me when I think back on the story is not as much fun. I can't stop thinking on the scene when Marcus restrains Gabi outdoors with the other Masters around. He knows exactly what he wants - the truth about why she misbehaves - but the whole time, I just know what is going to happen. My heart is thumping and I'm repeating over and over in my head "don't do this. don't do this. don't do this." and when the scene ends, I'm actually closing my eyes because I don't want to know just how bad it's going to be.

Rho: That was such a crucial point in the book. It's like the turning point in their relationship. I agree I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails and cringing my way through it. That was definitely a time when I started yelling at the kindle screen.

Michelle: That was a defining moment in the book for sure. My tummy still churns for them all. They were trying to help. To take care of her. Talk about backfiring.

Rebecca: I know. All of the Masters' true spirit and compassion came out at that point and I fell in love with them all over again. An alpha male with a sensitive side - that's the perfect combination for me.

Michelle: Well ladies, it really has been wonderful sharing this experience with you. For some reason, this series is one I can talk for hours about with my girlfriends. On chat boards or by the beach with a fruity drink in my hand, I've had as much fun reliving these books with friends as I have reading them. What are your final thoughts as we wrap this up?

Debbie: I have loved this entire series. They just seem to get better with each installment. I hope in future books we will continue to see some of the other couples come back. I loved the added suspense in this book also. Cherise is a master of the arts. All I can say is that she can't write these books fast enough to suit me.

Rho: This is a fabulous series. It's erotic, it's romantic, has wonderfully suspenseful plots, and amazing characters (including so many yummy sexy alpha men--I did say I LURVE them, didn't I?). But even more than that, I think it's a wonderful introduction to the BDSM genre of Erotica, or even the lifestyle. I love that Cherise Sinclair added a note from the author in this book telling people that it's great to be curious or interested in the lifestyle, but to BE SMART, and realize that these are books, so it's not exactly how things would be in real life. It's wonderful how much Cherise cares for her readers. She's truly amazing! And I, for one, cannot WAIT until the next book comes out -- it's soon, right? Please tell me it's soon.

Rebecca: I'm sure I already said this but it can be said again... Sinclair sets a standard and I measure all other books in this genre against her series. It's erotically delicious while combining romance and suspense. Not just an afterthought, the BDSM component is integrated into the developing relationships so seamlessly that it could not be the same story without it. What a realistic view of the BDSM lifestyle.

And there you have it, Dear Readers, high praise and a whole lotta swoonin' from these reviewers. And just so you can't say we didn't tell ya, we want to point out that Shadowlands' is a private BDSM club, so expect dominance/submission play, exhibitionism, mild pain play, mild verbal abuse, oral/anal/vaginal sex, some seriously sensual play, toys and wickedly creative doms who play with them, independent strong submissives, and hunky alpha doms who love nothing better than giving a subbie exactly what she needs, especially when it involves huggin'. It's BDSM, friends, so prepare to have your toes curl! And as always, ENJOY!

Reviewed by Debbie, Michelle R, Rebecca and Rho
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Book Review by Rebecca
Feb 18, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I've said it before – let me say it again - here's my recommendation. Listen real close because this is very important. Book five of the Masters of the Shadowlands books is now available. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Keep the bottle close. Slip into some comfy jammies. Light a candle. Read in an uninterrupted location where heavy breathing is acceptable.

Cherise Sinclair hits the nail on the head again with MAKE ME, SIR in her series that, at times, seems so real it could be non-fiction. The striking imagery of the BDSM world with its erotic submission and intense passion explodes from the pages of each of Ms Sinclair's Masters of the Shadowlands books. But MAKE ME, SIR is the best yet.

Throughout the country, rebellious submissives are being kidnapped from BDSM clubs. The FBI is working to locate the source of the human trafficking ring, by placing undercover agents in the clubs to pose as decoys. Gabrielle Renard works for the FBI as a victim specialist, not an agent, but after one of her friends is taken, she uses her experience as a submissive to be placed as bait at the Shadowlands, an exclusive Florida BDSM club.

Dom Marcus Atherton "Master Marcus" manages the Shadowlands' trainee program, but he doesn't know why the club's owner has assigned a new trainee to him without any information except that he is to keep the sub on for at least one month. Having been married to a diva of a sub before, Marcus has no desire to deal with a sub that is constantly talking back and disobeying him. And yet, something about Gabi draws him to her. She's sassy but he senses a sweetness and desire to fully submit when she isn't acting out for inexplicable reasons.

Gabi doesn't mind talking back to Master Marcus especially since he first appears to be like other stuffy lawyers she's known. Then Gabi starts to see the man behind the suit and it makes her yearn for something she can't have: Marcus, as her Master. Gabi knows she can't break cover, not with a slaver targeting the Shadowlands but she's also never desired anyone the way she does Master Marcus.

MAKE ME, SIR is Cherise Sinclair's hottest, most engaging and intense Masters of the Shadowlands book yet. Right from the start, Marcus and Gabi have great chemistry. The jokes they share and their casual rapport when outside a scene speaks of their connection beyond the sexual attraction. As are all Ms Sinclair's characters, Marcus and Gabi are multi-dimensional and so genuine that the reader has a sense of actually seeing and hearing the characters moan (if only, right?!). Marcus and Gabi seemed to fit perfect together. Her feistiness and his unrelenting patience are meant for each other and the way they fall in love sort of backwards fits these unique characters. It wouldn't have been logical any other way.

Anyone who has read my reviews knows that I judge a book first by the hero (sorry, can't help myself!) and let me say… Marcus, oh Master Marcus, you caught my attention in the last Masters of the Shadowlands book and won me over in this book. He is sexy, intelligent, intuitive, dominant, and yet so sweetly caring. It is no surprise that Gabi fell for him as he unknowingly acts as her anchor in this undercover operation. Dare I say he is perfect.

Working undercover, Gabi is out of her comfort zone with no field training but she's committed to finding the slavers who took her friend and this propels her forward. Gabi is the friend every woman needs to have, incredibly loyal and a genuinely kind-hearted person with a past that comes out as she plays her role as a bratty submissive. The reader can feel her pain when she needs to play the role of a rebellious submissive, thereby resisting her true sub nature, just as Marcus can sense as well. My heart clenched when finally, Marcus pushes for the truth and Gabi finds herself unintentionally sharing her secrets, and their relationship moves into a whole new dimension.

The couples from each of the previous books are secondary characters in MAKE ME, SIR. It was nice to revisit and reconnect with the couples, a natural evolution of sorts as marriages are planned and babies are hatched. A secondary plot involving Jessica and Master Z will have readers cheering Jessica on and squinting through some nail-biting scenes. It takes a talented author to weave past characters so intrinsically into a storyline that the book wouldn't be the same without them. Somehow calling them secondary characters seems to diminish their role in the story.

With so much eroticism and emotion packed into her books, a reader can only hope there will continue to be another installment of the Masters of the Shadowlands soon. And may I suggest, Ms. Sinclair, that you consider the FBI Agents for masters of future books.
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BOOK INTERVIEW on March 2011
Cherise, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with the four of us and give us the inside scoop on your new SHADOWLANDS book, MAKE ME, SIR. You have quite the fan club over here at TRR.

Thank you for having me. I'll try hard to be a polite and proper guest. *kicks flogger farther back under chair*

Q: (Michelle) Gosh, I think I want to start off with this amazing series as a whole. What inspired you to write the Shadowlands series?

You know, I'm still amazed that it's a series. The first book, CLUB SHADOWLANDS, actually started off as a self-indulgent story I created just for myself when I was sick and feeling ugly and unfeminine. Writing about a woman who mistakenly wanders into a BDSM club somehow made me feel all better.

Once it was finished, I hated the thought of throwing it away. A crit partner, Amber Green, suggested sending to her publisher, and to my shock, Loose Id bought it and asked for more.

Q: (Rebecca) What type of research did you need to do to prepare for writing the Shadowlands series?

Well, I have a smidgen of experience ;-) but since I try to introduce new kinks with each book, I keep accumulating fun sources of information: books, websites, Fetlife groups, friends and readers in the lifestyle.

Of course, real life research is totally fun. For example, to figure out how to auction off submissives in LEAN ON ME, I dragged a friend to the San Francisco Citadel for Maestro Stephanos's Master's Den auction. (Poor Belinda)

And my husband never hesitates to volunteer. He's a very considerate and generous man. LOL

Q: (Rho) We have been treated to several amazing Doms in this series. I feel like I love them all. Who has been your favourite Dom so far in the series and why?

I've never lost my affection for Master Z; he was my first, after all. And who wouldn't fall for someone who looks like this:

Smooth black hair, silvering at the temples, just touching his collar. Dark gray eyes with laugh lines at the corners. A lean, hard face with the shadow of a beard adding a hint of roughness. He wore tailored black slacks and a black silk shirt that outlined hard muscles underneath. If Ben was a Rottweiler, this guy was a jaguar, sleek and deadly.

And says things like this:

He curled his hands around her bare upper arms and turned her toward him. With one hand, he tilted her chin up until his gaze trapped her. "The trust that your master knows what you need and will give you what you need, even when you aren't always sure."

The words, the sheer certainty in his rich voice, sent heat stabbing through her, a wave of need so potent she quivered inside.

As if he could see into her head, he smiled slowly and whispered, "The trust that lets a woman be tied down and spread open for her master's use."

But, like all romance authors, I fall for each Dom when writing his story. Unfortunately, during that time, each hero hangs around my computer and argues about the storyline, the toys and scenes he prefers, even how he wants to dress. *grumble Doms…they want to control everything…*

Q: (Admin) We have a phone in from Toni over at Kindle Smut. Toni wants to know what inspirations you use to write each of your characters.

Aside from the first, all the Shadowlands books happened because a new Dom would appear. I swear, I don't try to create them…they just show up. After that, curiosity gets the best of me. I wonder what kind of woman could mess up their head and shake their control…and then I have to write about them.

Occasionally I use traits from men who've impressed me with their amazing talents and techniques… Um, that didn't sound good--I mean they impressed me while I was watching them doing a flogging or something, okay?

As for the heroines, a woman has to have a personality that can rock the Dom's equilibrium. Once I figure that part out, then she somehow accumulates bits and pieces of her character. As a nurse, I've met so many people and can draw from a wide variety of wonderful personalities, intriguing habits, and delightful or horrible backgrounds. Eventually, the heroine becomes real enough that I forget I supposedly created her.

Q: (Michelle) Master Marcus is relatively new to Shadowlands and he tends to be more of an enigma. Can you give us the inside scoop on this uber alpha dom?

He's pretty reserved about his background.

Of course, as a dominant, he likes being in control…and his ability to keep his cool despite Gabi's provocation comes from his ingrained Southern courtesy, being a lawyer--and years as a martial artist. A black belt rarely loses his temper.

Sometimes he actually speaks like a lawyer--and he worked hard to achieve that. He grew up in a tiny Georgia town, went to college in Virginia, and tried to eradicate any hint of his rural background. But, like many of us, what was humiliating as a teenager often becomes a source of pleasure and pride as we get older, and he now uses the same country expressions as his grandfather does.

Q: (Rebecca) Since the D/s relationship is so heavily built upon trust and the Doms in your series seem very intuitive, was it difficult building Master Marcus's relationship with Gabi while keeping the secret?

Oh Lord, it was almost impossible. I could feel Gabi's relief when they left the club, and she could relax and be herself.

I'd originally planned for her to keep her background hidden much longer, but Marcus is too experienced a Dom to let her hide something from him. About halfway through the book, he basically informed me that she was going to tell him what was going on. Now.

Q: (Rho) As you have gone through the series, which side of the D/s relationship do you find easier to write? The Dom's perspectives or the sub's and why?

The sub's, of course. LOL. But in all reality--in real-life and in fiction--each Dom and sub is unique in what he/she wants and needs from a BDSM relationship. So experience can only carry me so far.

You see, although there's fundamental things that every sub needs from her Master, the rest is dependent on her personality, background, past experiences…and to some degree, what she can physically tolerate. For example, pain is both mental and physical. So although a bottom might think she's very into pain, she starts screaming with the first strike of a cane. (Bad Dom--he should have asked more questions) The ‘pain' she needs is maybe a light spanking whereas another submissive might not feel fulfilled until she has big, red welts. So when I'm writing, I try to remember it's not about me, but about her.

In the same way, what a Dom gets out of a D/s relationship can vary immensely. I have to take into consideration their background, their personality…and then I usually just give up and ask them.

In a way my own bias does show--I'm not into scarring or blood or screaming in agony (a few yelps are good though ), so my hero and heroine don't go there either. What I write is definitely slanted toward the lighter side of BDSM, and probably closer to the average lifestyler (if there is such a thing).

Q: (Debbie) Master Raoul seems to have more of a role in this book. I loved how he cared for Gabi and the ménage scene between him, Marcus and Gabi was great. How was it decided it would be him to share the scene?

He decided. *grumble* He first appeared in the second book and was supposed to be in the background, but he shows up more in each book. With MAKE ME, SIR, his patience disappeared, and he informed me that he'd be participating in the three-way. (He rather fell for Gabi) I really need to find him someone of his own. 

Q: (Michelle) I loved Gabi! She is so intelligently funny. Was Gabi easy to get to know, she just came to you, or was she unravelled as you wrote the story? And honestly, was she cracking you up as much as she cracked me up?

She surprised me. I simply wanted a woman who would shake Master Marcus up. I mean, just look at him: suit, southern gentleman, a lawyer, totally smooth and controlled. If I gave him a sweet little sub, he (and you) would be yawning within a few minutes.

At first, I planned for her to be an FBI agent, but she flattened that idea right away, telling me she was a coward and totally not into carrying a weapon, thank you very much. I was allowed to create her figure and hair color--then she informed me that she liked temp tatts and had a blue streak in her hair. (Might I mention that writing is the only profession where you can hear voices in your head and they won't lock you into a locked, padded room.)

Now I've been accumulating "don't ever say this to your Master" lines for a while. (And I would never dream of using them. Uh-uh.) Once Gabi found the list, there was no stopping her...

Q: (Debbie) How did you decide to make the kidnapper one who likes sassy, argumentative Subs? With Gabrielle it sure makes for fun and entertaining reading.

I wanted a bratty sub for Master Marcus, so to keep the story consistent, the kidnappers also needed to look for that specific personality type.

But since I hope to explore the slave ring more in the next book, and I didn't want to be tied down (heheh…sorry, couldn't resist) to just brats, I set it up so this particular criminal association puts on specialty slave auctions. The ‘merchandise' for one auction might be rebellious submissives, the next month's sale might be all redheads or maybe subs well-trained in protocol and service. I haven't decided on the next book's storyline, but it should be fun figuring out what kind of submissives they want next.

Q: (Michelle) MAKE ME, SIR was a very emotional read for me. I'd cry, I'd laugh, I'd reach for the Tums, and then my knuckles would turn white as I clutched my Kindle. Was there a part of the story that was emotionally challenging to write?

Let's see… For some reason, all of Jessica's scenes hit me hard. I didn't want her to be in such distress.

And then there was when Master Marcus drives Gabi deep into subspace and demands answers… Her feelings that he'd betrayed her hurt. And poor Marcus. He felt so guilty, doing something for the best of reasons, only hoping to help, and it blew up in his face.

As a parent, I've had that happen a time or two. It hurts.

Q: (Rebecca) It was unusual for you to include a subplot using one of the other past couples yet Jessica plays a large role in the book. How did that come to fruition?

*pointing finger* You…you readers...I blame you! All those letters informing me that Z and Jessica weren't getting enough time, wanting Jessica to meet his sons, wanting the two of them to move on.

It's also Z's fault. I was happily writing along, being a considerate author and giving y'all what you wanted. And then Z simply grabbed the story line and created his own plot. He said he'd move his relationship with Jessica ahead in his own way.

Q: (Rho) This has been such a phenomenal series; I never want it to end. What's next for the series, and where do you see it going?

Now assuming that everything holds together and the rivers don't rise, I have in mind a couple of more books. *Disclaimer--this is not set in stone.*

I left a few story threads handing in MAKE ME, SIR so the two FBI Doms would have some work left to do. And Master Raoul has taken to slapping his flogger along his leg whenever he talks with me. I need to give him a story before he starts practicing on my ass.

So there are possibly two more books. Maybe. 

Thanks, Cherise, that was so much fun! We just can't ever seem to get enough of our Masters and their subbies. As you can tell, we are already counting down the days until book six comes out.

Thank you all for having me here. I absolutely loved your 4-part review of MAKE ME, SIR--I'm thinking of framing it.

And I want to thank all of you who read books, who give us your trust and let us pull you into our stories and keep you there while your dinner burns and the dust bunnies collect in the corners. You are what make it all worth while.

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