The Kitchen God's Girlfriend

Candice Butler
The Kitchen God's Girlfriend

Candice Butler
Release Date
February 2014
Book 3 of Oh My Gods
Erotic Romance

At 57 Lucy Caswell should be in her prime as a chef. She had been on the fast track for her first Michelin star as chef and co-owner, with her husband, of one of the top restaurants in Seattle. Then her husband of 27 years walks out with a beautiful hostess, almost young enough to be their daughter. When he dies hours before she's set to open Lucinda's, a restaurant of her own, Lucy loses her faith in everything, her confidence in herself and her passion for cooking.

As a successful food writer and restaurant critic, she's looking for a story idea when she hears rumors about a phenomenal Pan-Asian chef, who's cooking in a homeless shelter soup kitchen. Knowing there must be a great story there, she tracks him down.

Zhang looks like the gorgeous hero of a Chinese kung-fu movie. He cooks like a house afire. And the sexual energy that rolls off him directed at Lucy is like a tsunami. Zhang is the ancient Chinese Kitchen God. Once a mortal, Zhang was made a god by the Jade Emperor. Zhang had sacrificed himself to save the wife he had abandoned earlier for a younger woman.

Sparks fly from their first meeting when Zhang sticks his chocolate pudding drenched finger into Lucy's mouth. Zhang agrees to tell Lucy his story, if she'll cook in the soup kitchen with him for one week. In Zhang's kitchen Lucy finds her passion for cooking rekindled. And in Zhang's bed she finds her passion for everything renewed. But will she still be able to love him when all the secrets of his past are revealed?


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