Held for Ransom

Renee Rose
Held for Ransom
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Lazy Day Publications
Release Date
February 2014
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

When Sir Gorran's people disappear after a raid on a Saxon settlement, he kidnaps Princess Ariana, a priestess of Avalon, and demands their return. Though he knew he risked Ariana's curse as well as a lifetime hiding from the king's sword, he does not realize his greatest risk in holding the lovely princess for ransom is to his heart.

The intimacy shared with her kidnapper leaves Ariana wounded by the experience and his reappearance at the annual tournament only deepens her pain. When her brother foists him on her as a guardian and slave she must come to terms with her feelings for the dominant warrior. Will she send him away to his death, or will she realize her pain is only caused by living without him?

*Warning: This book contains graphic sex with spanking and anal play

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Mar 18, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HELD FOR RANSOM is a beautifully written, romantic, historical novel with paranormal influences and light BDSM undertones. Although on the short side for a novel (only about 40,000 words), the story was well developed and Ms. Rose's attention to detail, character development and skill with words left me captivated and deeply engaged in the story.

Set in 650 AD England, HELD FOR RANSOM is the story of Princess Ariana, a high priestess and the sister of the King of England, and Sir Gorran, one of the King's knights and a half-Saxon. Sir Gorran, believing that the King has captured his sister and other people from her Saxon settlement, kidnaps Princess Ariana in the hope to ransom her to the King in exchange for their release. Eventually, Sir Gorran releases Princess Ariana, and when the King later finds him, he strips Sir Gorran of his knighthood and forces him to become Princess Ariana's slave.

I loved that although Princess Ariana was Sir Gorran's captive, she remained strong. A powerful woman by nature, gifted with both the power of second sight and the power to heal, Princess Ariana does not just bend to Sir Gorran's will. Paradoxically, as Gorran's master, she eventually learns the power of submitting to him.

All in all, I thought HELD FOR RANSOM was a beautiful tale about the power of fate and our ability to shape our future, as well as having to give up control in order to fall in love. I highly recommend this thought-provoking, sensual five-star read!
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