What Rough Beast

Kari Gregg
What Rough Beast
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Loose Id
Release Date
January 2011
Book 1 of Blood Oath
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Dark masters and the vampyr they've enslaved for millennia are at war…And the vampyr are losing.

During a raid on a dark master stronghold, Luc stumbles across Kate, a rare female susceptible to the vampyr virus. Ruthlessly hunted by the enemy, they flee — to Garrick, Luc's mentor and friend. Garrick provides a sanctuary, but safety comes with a price. Though her mind remains very human, Garrick initiates the biological trigger that begins pair-bonding because they must mate. Quickly. Dark masters have tired of the rebellion. They will not tolerate the escape of another vampyr to mating. Dark masters flush the pair from his sanctuary and when Garrick eludes them, they seize Luc instead. Using him as bait, they draw Garrick and Kate into their trap.

Book Review by Michelle R
Feb 14, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is the beginning of an amazing new series that I just can't wait to explore. Kari Gregg's characters are as alive, vibrant and passionate as the world she creates for them. She held me entranced with adrenaline racing, as I fell in love with a detached irritable vampire, his apprentice, and the one he desires as his mate.

What can I say? In a time when vampire/werewolf stories are a dime a dozen, it is tough to find something unique that lights your fire. There are always shadows of other tales in the new ones being scripted. And, to be fair, we are dealing with vampires and werewolves so it's tough not to have similarities and commonalities. But to do it in our very ordinary world and make it all so extraordinary was a boon.

Although WHAT ROUGH BEAST does have a couple of flashbacks to the past, the story is set in modern day America. Unknown to humans, vampire dark masters have enslaved younger, weaker vampires over the last thousand years. Some of those slaves have escaped and joined forces with the rebel vampyr forces working to bring down the masters and end slavery. While raiding a dark master's home, Luc, a rebel, discovers a rare female susceptible to the vampyr virus being held captive. The woman, Kate, has recently been bitten and is transitioning into a vampyr. Luc takes her to his mentor Garrick's home for safekeeping. While there, Garrick intitiates the mating bond process with Kate. With the dark masters after the valuable vampire female, Kate and Garrick fight not only to stay alive, but to figure out if the "forever" of completing the mating is what they want.

Ms Gregg's voice is probably what captivated me the most. She has a new fan for sure. I can't wait to read more of her work. I remember a scene where the hero, Garrick, comes across a man with a sword in him. Well, the author could have just written that Garrick recognized the sword as his and pulled it out, leaving the one he currently held behind. But she took her time and gave us more than just the sword. She took the opportunity to give us insight into the relationship between Garrick and the one who had killed the man. She wrote that when Garrick came upon the man and the sword he held, the one that had been with him for centuries fallen to the floor, forgotten, Garrick pulled the sword from the length of the man's spinal column and swung it, recognizing it as familiar.

Now that's my memory of what she said. She wrote it far more eloquently. Enough so that it struck me how much a simple action can reveal about a situation or character. It's that whole ‘show, don't tell' thing done to the nth degree. Sometimes, brevity isn't a gift or a talent. Sometimes, passionate and vivid writing can make a story come to life. From the first word to the last, every word was passionate, descriptive, vibrant….alive.

I am the worst about plodding through as an author builds her world, laying the foundation at the beginning of a first book in a series. It took six months for me to read the beginning of the first Kate Daniels book. If everyone weren't extolling its merits, I would have quit (and missed out on one of my favorite series). That experience taught me patience.

I leaned on my patience as I worked my way to unwrap Garrick, Luc and Kate's world. It didn't take long for me to be hooked, as I found the world unique, the circumstances new, and the context of their struggles more defined as the book went on. I think the most entrancing worlds, even when they are contemporary and set in our very own neighborhood, evolve from authors who take the time and energy to paint that colorful picture for us.

Ms Gregg gave Luc, Garrick and Kate personality in spades. She gave the war, the slaves, the masters and the rebels electricity and fierceness. I could feel the exhaustion, despair and darkness that had been born of their age-old struggle that seemed to be moving nowhere.

And then I could tell that once Garrick found his mate, which automatically elevated him to the Rebel Council, a pivotal moment in history had occurred. That for whatever reason, he and Kate were the catalyst to change.

All that and I haven't even begun to go on and on about how hot and sexy this one is!! Seriously, grab an ice bucket and a shot of tequila. They don't even have standard sex for what seemed like forever. Garrick is a catholic boy with catholic values. He'd tease and please, but they had to complete the mating before he'd consummate it. I'm not going to be surprised if a few Kindles combust with the heat. *fanning myself* No prudes allowed here.

This is epic vampire loving. A man who has waited five hundred years to mate. There's nothing tame or mild about it. He. Is. Horny. And Kate's inner vamp is taking control and claiming her man… er... vampire.

Guys and gals who love the paranormal, the romance, the epic battle for freedom and the love of family and friends willing to die for each other, this one is for you. It has light and dark moments, passionate love and heart breaking loss, friendship and camaraderie and evil masters who enslave the masses. I've officially fallen in love with the rebels and can't wait to cheer them on as they find love and slay their proverbial dragon. Enjoy!
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