Raising Shawna

Vicktor Alexander
Raising Shawna
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The Rooster & The Pig Publishing
Release Date
November 2013
Book 1 of Love & Life in the Panhandle
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

What would you do if the spirit of your dead twin brother came back?

What about if he inhabited the body of your adopted daughter?

Former drug addict, turned state prosecutor, Shane Occena has to deal with this when the little girl he rescues one night, named Shawna, declares that she's the reincarnation of his brother Shawn, that he'd lost over eight years before. Feeling a connection to Shawna that can't be talked away, Shane begins the adoption process and gains custody. When Shawna begins acting like Shawn, Shane takes her to see Child Psychologist, Tucker Ames. And that's when his life really changes.

Dr. Tucker Ames spends his days talking with children helping them heal from their scars and come to grips with their gender issues and sexuality, and his nights alone, hoping for a family of his own. When he meets Shane and Shawna Occena, he finally feels as if he's met the family that's destined to be his. But first he has to help Shawna heal from her childhood, Shane heal from his scars, and find a way to help Shawn cross over to the other side.

But when allegations are brought against Shane and Tucker's family descends on this makeshift family in Pensacola, will Tucker and Shane be able to stay together and be the parents that Shawna so desperately need? And will Shawn ever let go of his hold on Shawna and finally ascend to the afterlife? Tucker and Shane may think that they are Raising Shawna, but in the end, she may be the one to raise them all.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Apr 03, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This book is a multi-layered tale that is so much more than just a beautifully written story of loss and of a love found. Vicktor Alexander has done an incredible job of taking you through the ups and downs of a life at both its worst and its best.

Mr. Alexander also explores the worlds of foster care and adoption but reincarnation as well. It's a story about a life with so much loss that turns into a life with an addiction. It makes you smile, laugh, cry and get mad. It is a story of real life that is out there all round us, that we never really bother to stop and look at.

The surface story is about Shane, who loses first his parents, then his twin. This sends him into a drug-filled depression and addiction that he struggles with from that point forward. When he finally gets his life back on track, he finds a child, alone in this world like he was. Adopting this little girl is the next step in his journey. But things get a bit strange when his adopted daughter Shawna tells him that she's really his twin brother Shawn. How can Shane believe her, but how can he not when she starts telling him things that only Shawn could have known?

Enter Tucker Ames, a Child Psychologist who is the person to help Shawna and Shane deal with Shawn. And he also is the person to help Shawn move on and cross over. But helping them also gives him what he wants most, the thing that he's been missing--love and a family of his own.

This book is well written, an enjoyable story with great characters. But I think what it does best is make you take a deeper look at the life around you and makes you think of things outside your own safe little world.
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