Calming a Demon Heart

Charlie Richards
Calming a Demon Heart
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Extasy Books
Release Date
February 2014
Book 6 of A Paranormal's Love
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

Matthew Beakman's life just got turned upside down. His brother, Marty, stumbled across something strange and fascinating and amazing! Gargoyles exist!

Matthew wants to know everything about them. First, though, he wants to find the gargoyle that saved his brother's life and thank him.

Their people's leader, Maelgwn, points out a blood-red, behemoth of a gargoyle named Vane, then warns Matthew away from him. Never good at following orders—and because he can't help but find himself intrigued by the huge creature across the room—Matthew tracks Vane down anyway.

At first, he's confused by the way his body responds every time Vane growls at him, until a conversation with Logan makes him suspect that he and Vane are mates. Unfortunately, he also learns Vane went through some extreme torture in the hands of humans. How can he convince the stubborn gargoyle that not all humans are the same?

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Mar 13, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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As always, another enjoyable read from an author I can count on. This story was a return to a world inhabited by gargoyles. I love the eclectic mix of creatures, human and otherwise that live in Charlie Richards' world. All are done as fun, believable characters with every emotion and foible that we humans have.

Matthew's world was turned upside down when his brother falls in love with a gargoyle. Which leaves him and his friend Logan being forced to stay within the clutch until it's determined whether the two of them can be trusted to keep the existence of gargoyles a secret. While staying with the clutch, and what does he see but an intriguing gargoyle he wants to know better.

Vane hates humans; they tortured and tormented him for years. And while he understands some of his clutch are now mated to humans, that won't ever be him. And he'll stay as far away from the humans as he can. But how can he do that when one is pursuing him at every turn?

It was fun to watch the interaction between these two fated mates. Human Matthew has to overcome all of Vane's issues with humans, while figuring out why he's feeling the way he does.

This book is number six, and they do need to be read in order for the progression of characters and relationships to make sense. Well written, this is a fun escape read. And as always, I'll be waiting for the next in this great series.
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