Wuthering Heights: The Wild and Wanton Edition

Emily Bronte; Beth Williamson w/a Annabella Bloom
Wuthering Heights: The Wild and Wanton Edition
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Adam's Media
Release Date
December 2010
Book 2 of Wild and Wanton
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

"Sexy, wild . . . this is a Heathcliff you will never forget! The heat is turned way up on this classic, and you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough!"
--Cynthia Eden, National Bestselling Author

Catherine and Heathcliff may have been doomed sweethearts from the start, but that's no reason to keep them from consummating their desperate desire for one another. In this smoldering, expanded edition of the brooding masterpiece, you'll discover the star-crossed lovers seal their fiery fate with lovemaking as wild as the moors.

In this unexpurgated version of the steamy classic, literature's most libidinous couple unleashes the sexual obsession that marks their lives foreve--in and out of the bedroom. From the first time the rough-and-tumble Heathcliff takes the haughty young Catherine in his arms, to their final lingering embrace beyond the grave, Wuthering Heights: The Wild and Wanton Edition reveals the true depth of the ruinous passion that has always haunted you, with all the sultry, sensual, satisfying sex scenes you always secretly knew you missed!

Book Review by Michelle R
Feb 18, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Just what Heathcliff needed- a little wild and wanton to go with his revenge! If he was on fire before, he is an inferno now.

I hadn't read Wuthering Heights before. **hanging head in shame** I know. I know. It's Bronte. It's a classic. We must all read the classics. Well people, I don't think I missed much. To be totally honest, I don't like Heathcliff or Catherine. What angst was Bronte living with to torture these characters so?

I found them all pretty rude and unlikeable. Mean. Nasty. And frankly to my total dismay, I found the females pretty dim.

If you are unfamiliar with the tale, WUTHERING HEIGHTS, Heathcliff is an orphan who falls in love with Catherine who is above him in status. For this reason, of course, he is not suitable. She mocks him even though she is attracted to him. In the end, she marries someone else. This irritates Heathcliff, to put it mildly, and he is bent on revenge. He ends up going away and gaining wealth and some manners, and then returning and marrying the young Isabella. Lots of people die. People grow up and get old. People are nasty to each other. Frankly, it just isn't a happy place to be.

BUT at least now they are having some pretty hot and heavy nookie! Thank goodness for Annabella Bloom (aka award winning author Beth Williamson) and her most appreciated additions to the text. I found myself flying through the standard print and slowly savoring the bold font denoting the additions that had been made. (And when you get to the fever fed fantasy starring Catherine and her momma, know that my jaw was on the ground! It may have been brief, but my heart did stutter a bit there.)

Yes. The entire work by Emily Bronte is there. Every tension filled little word. But all that depressing prose is now softened with some serious wild and wanton. For the most part, I laughed. I think Ms Williamson had to have had a blast giving these people a real life, and some release…er…I mean relief.

Be warned. This isn't just a touch of wild and wanton. Ms Williamson can write hot…H.O.T! I read a LOT of erotica and this one had me blushing.

If you liked the story the first go around and enjoy some smut in your books, you'll like this one. If WUTHERING HEIGHTS has been on your ‘to be read' pile and you are a member of the smutters-r-us club, oh puhleez, do yourself a favor and get this version (and a bottle of wine). It is so much bettah. Go forth. Be pervy. And…. Enjoy!
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BOOK INTERVIEW on March 2011
Hi Beth, thanks for taking the time to give us more insights into this book!

Q: Please tell us a little about Wuthering Heights, both the original story and the Wild and Wanton edition.

As a young girl, I first saw the Wuthering Heights film and was completely captured by the scene with Heathcliff as he holds a dying Catherine. I had to know this story, had to read it! I hadn't read it since high school before this project came into my lap. I reread it several times and realized just how dark the story was. I couldn't change the inherent darkness of the characters and the story, but I could bring the passion out that so desperately needed to be released (no pun intended ;).

Q: How did you become involved in this project?

My agent, Laura Bradford, already had one writer involved in the W&W editions, Michelle Pillow, who had been contracted to add the heat to Pride & Prejudice. The publisher, Adams Media, needed an historical writer to fill in for another author who couldn't and voila! I wasn't a gothic writer but at least I wrote in the 1800s. :)

Q: Why did you choose to rewrite Wuthering Heights as opposed to other classical stories?

I didn't choose it - it chose me! LOL

Q: What did you do to prepare for this project?

I read the book twice from cover to cover. I probably should have watched the movie again but didn't have time to look for it. Instead I threw myself into the story, diving into Heathcliff's shadowy soul and Catherine's twisted reality. It was a dark place to be!

Q: Wuthering Heights is a classic, one that thousands have loved over the years. Was there any aspect about adding to it that worried you?

Absolutely! The story is told from the perspective of the narrator, Heathcliff's tenant, who is being told the story by Nelly, former nurse and childhood friend to Healthcliff & Catherine. I've never written in first person and it can be challenging to write sex scenes from a second hand point of view. Additionally, I had to write in Bronte's style, not my own. It had to be as seamless as possible.

Q: Was there a particular character that was more challenging to work with?

Heathcliff. He arrived as a gypsy child, unwanted by everyone except Mr. Earnshaw and Catherine. He was beaten and treated as a servant, not truly given a chance to be a gentleman. I had to make it more likeable, or at the least, evoke a little sympathetic to the reader.

Q: What was your favorite part of the original story?

Hard to have a favorite part with such a dark story. It's the experience of reading it that pulls you in and rolls you around in that darkness. If I had to pick one, it would have to be the scene where Heathcliff holds Catherine while she's dying, the same scene that pinched my heart so many years ago in the film.

Q: What was your favorite addition to the story?

Page 131. LOL. The scene where Heathcliff has run out into the night and Catherine follows, the scene with sex in a thunderstorm was seriously intense. Loved writing that.

Q: If you could pick out another classic to add a little wild and wanton fun to (not from just this period, but any) which would you choose and why?

Persuasion by Jane Austen. I love the reunited lovers story and it's one of the Austen books that doesn't get enough attention!

Q: Was this easier or more challenging than writing a new novel?

More challenging for sure.

Q: What can fans expect from you in the coming months?

Let's see. I have two releases so far from Samhain Publishing, DEVILS ON HORSEBACK: LEE releases in print March 1 and DEVILS ON HORSEBACK: GIDEON releases in ebook April 19th. I am also self-publishing a short story (12K) called LUCILLE'S LAWMAN, a fun western sexy story and a Wicked Read (with the other Wicked Writers). I have two more books planned for publication later in the year but no dates yet.

Thanks a lot, Beth! Check out Beth and her books at http://www.bethwilliamson.com/

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