Heart of Steele

Randi Alexander
Heart of Steele
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Randi Alexander
Release Date
February 2014
Book 2 of Hot Country
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Western Romance

Actress Tracy Hartman can't believe she just punched country music superstar Steele McLairn in the mouth. And of course, somebody recorded it! Now, the thing has gone viral and to avoid their being harassed by the tabloids, Steele convinces Tracy to head out of LA with him. In a cozy, remote spot, they find the desire they've been feeling for each other has grown into full-blown lust.

Steele can't believe his luck. Alone with Tracy, and all it took was taking a punch to the mouth. She's funny, sweet, sexy, and ready to experience every wild thing Steele hungers to do with her. But their time together is cut short, and hidden family issues threaten the trust they've built. Can they find the courage to confide in each other, or will their secrets force them apart?

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Mar 20, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When they first met, the attraction was mutual but the timing wasn't right. Now, given their circumstances, the timing's right to scratch the itch. Neither suspected things would get so deep so fast.

A bit of a dust up brought country star Steele McLarin's music video shoot to a standstill when hired actress Tracy Hartman gave him a fat lip when she threw a punch at him. Within minutes, illicitly shot camera phone video had made it into the hands of the media, but Steele had more reasons to keep the paparazzi at bay than a simple misunderstanding between him and Tracy, the actress he'd wanted to pursue for months. What Steele, a private man, really feared was a potentially career damaging family secret that needed to stay buried, but that didn't stop him from convincing Tracy to skip town for some quality time with him until the initial media storm abated.

Tracy knew when she agreed to a long weekend in hiding with Steele that their relationship would change from friendly to intimate, but she couldn't let it lead to anything more. As an actress, age wasn't on her side and the time to get focused on establishing her career was now. Her own family issues and upbringing had taken their toll on her heart and anything more than a weekend fling with Steele would just be another complication her life didn't need at the moment.

Yet, the weekend Steele and Tracy spent together at his mountain retreat is homey, tender, and explosive. Tracy stirred Steele's quiet dream to settle down and start a family, and Tracy realized she could fall hard for Steele but for his secret that spawned angry outbursts, which brought back her own memories of living in fear. Steele and Tracy both knew their time together has left them craving something more, but they're both holding back things they're reluctant to reveal to one another. And, without the revelation of secrets, there could be no trust or a future together.

Randi Alexander has a way with plots and characters that grab her readers and pull them in to the very heart of her stories. Her use of friends and family drama, as well as sizzling but tender couplings, always has a way of rounding out her main characters and making them seem authentic and relatable.

In HEART OF STEELE, it's the mix of tough, sweet, and sassy Tracy with traditional, fun, and just a bit jaded Steele that make this novel come to life and invest the reader in this couple's quest for happiness. HEART OF STEELE, book two in Ms. Alexander's Hot Country series, is an emotionally satisfying read and one I'm placing on my virtual keeper shelf to read again and again.
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