Captivating Cowboys

Paige Cameron
Captivating Cowboys
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
February 2014
Book 5 of Triple Dare County, South Dakota
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Western Romance

Dana Wynters is afraid she'll be kidnapped. When she sees the ad for a doctor in Triple Creeks Township, she responds and accepts the job. Her friend, Angie, helps her leave town without being followed.

When Dana meets Steel Randolph, an immediate attraction flares between them. Later when she meets Steel's best friend, Chayton Kane, she's surprised when sparks fly between them, too. She has enough problems with Addison Gregor coming after her. She doesn't want to have feelings for any man, much less two. But when Dana hears about the threesome relationships in town, she is both excited and frightened of her emotions.

An FBI agent on the trail for Gregor contacts Angie and offers to help. He says the man isn't only a danger to her and her friend, but to their country. Gregor's determined he'll have Dana under his control soon. When Gregor discovers her location, can an FBI agent, Steel, and Chayton keep her safe?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Apr 15, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Who could resist two rugged cowboys hell-bent on saving the day? Certainly not Dr. Dana, and thus CAPTIVATING COWBOYS, book 5 in the Triple Dare County, South Dakota Series has its newest ménage relationship.

Dr. Dana Wynters regrets the day she agreed to a date with the powerful and completely creepy Addison Gregor. Fearing for her safety after Addison begins stalking her, Dana uproots her life in Atlanta to move to remote Triple Creeks Township, South Dakota, to hide until he can be caught. Dana doesn't expect to meet and immediately connect with Steel Randolph and his best friend Chayton Kane.

Steel and Chayton are instantly attracted to the new doctor in town, but they can tell she's running scared from something…or someone. The men vow to protect Dana, but Dana is overwhelmed by Steel and Chayton and their desire for her and tries to keep her distance. Sure, Triple Creeks Township is known for its residents' ménage relationships, but the thought of being with both men is terrifying…and arousing. Can Steel and Chayton break down Dana's defenses and make her theirs, or will Addison get to her before the three of them have a chance?

CAPTIVATING COWBOYS is book number 5 in the Triple Dare County, South Dakota Series and can be read as a standalone novel. I haven't read any of the previous books in this series and if they are anything like this one, I think I'll pass. There is absolutely zero "pizzazz" in this book. The sentences are matter of fact and abrupt and even the sex scenes are strangely formal, with ridiculously cheesy dialogue.

One of the things that bothered me about CAPTIVATING COWBOYS is that the relationships are very rushed and therefore not believable. Not only between the three main characters, but also with Dana's BFF Angie and the two men who want her. One day Dana's moving to town and starting her job, the next she, Steel and Clayton are falling in love and sleeping together. Unfortunately the storyline isn't rushed along, and it is pretty drawn out and dull. I kept waiting for the suspense to pick up and jump-start this long-winded novel, but alas it never happened.

As for the characters, they just didn't do it for me. Even though Dana is the main female in CAPTIVATING COWBOYS, I know little about her and why Addison is chasing her. Her personality is dry and unexciting. Steel and Chayton were very boring to me also; they just kind of expected Dana to fall into their laps (which she did) and did little to pursue her. And even though I get the impression that she was meant to be a kick-ass, independent female, it just didn't come across that way.

I'm a huge ménage fan, and CAPTIVATING COWBOYS has a lot more threesome talk than action. Steel and Clayton and Dana spoke of their ménage frequently yet there was little action between the three of them at the same time. Actually, the threesomes could barely even be called that, as it was more like one man sat and gazed longingly or stroked lovingly while the other two had sex. Then, man #1 left to take a shower or grab some cheese and crackers, leaving man #2 and Dana to do their business. I'm not sure that this even qualifies as a ménage…maybe some exhibitionism and voyeurism, but not a threesome. All in all, the title was the only thing captivating about this book and it is one that I can't recommend.
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