Siege of the Heart

Elise Cyr
Siege of the Heart
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Lyrical Press
Release Date
April 2014
Historical Romance

He fought for king and country, but that battle was nothing compared to the one he'll wage for a woman's heart.

Still reeling from the news of her father's death during the Norman Conquest, Isabel Dumont is unprepared when trouble arrives at the castle gates. Alexandre d'Évreux, a Norman knight with close ties to England's new king, has arrived to secure the land and the loyalties of the Dumont family. Desperate to protect her people, Isabel strives to keep the confounding knight at arm's length and hide the truth about her father's death.

For Alexandre, the spoils of war come with more than just a generous gift of land. They come with Isabel Dumont. Vowing to marry only for love, Alexandre finds himself in a difficult situation as a conqueror granted dominion over the land and its people. Isabel is the one person capable of helping him win the regard of those living in the war-torn country…if he chooses to accept her.

Just when Alexandre finds a spark of hope that he and Isabel have a chance at love, she vanishes. His quest to find her plunges him deeper into the conquest's fallout. Was she taken? Or did she leave?

CONTENT WARNING: Entering into this novel may cause extreme affection toward knights of old, admiration for strong-willed women, and the overwhelming belief that love really can conquer all.

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
Jan 26, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Lady Isabel Dumont is a very independent woman for her time in 1066. Her father let her run his estate and do much as she pleased. He was indulgent of her more because her mother was dead and she reminded him so much of his wife.

Times are turbulent with her father fighting with the Normans, and her brother Julian fighting with the English. Isabel is left all alone to care for their people and see to the needs of the estate. Her peace is not for long because William sends a knight to bring her to London to be married. She always wanted to marry for love but it seems that is out of her reach now.

What an exciting story! You get carried back into history and feel the outrage of the English people because of the Norman conquest by William. You feel for this woman caught between two worlds as she is half Norman and half English. How can her world get more severe? When both her father and brother are declared dead and she is at the mercy of the Normans, that is when.

Isabel shows such courage in the face of death. You can feel with her over the agony of her decisions. Her counselor, Captain Thomas, is an old man devoted to her family all his life. Her maids, Avril and Matilde, are just as devoted to her. They all love her unconditionally.

How can she manage, a young girl, all alone in a war-torn world?

Her personality is so fine and good you know she will fight for the right and just. She did not choose a husband and now she will have a husband forced upon her. She worries for her people and will always try to do what is best for them.

A Norman knight, Alexandre d'Evreux appears with his followers and needs to take her to London to bow before the new Norman King and swear allegiance. Hugh De Roche, Alex 's shield bearer does not trust Isabel. She does not tell them the truth either, which does not help. Which was that she knows having a marriage forced on her will take away her independence and ruin all her hopes and plans for her future.

What a dilemma! If I had to chose all the things she had to, I do not believe I would have been half as brave or nearly as smart as this little miss. Isabel is feisty and brave and what every heroine should be. I loved this girl and her gallant brave honorable knights. It is a 100% great read. The kind you can't wait to read the next page. An absolute page turner. So exciting and action packed I escaped into the days of knighthood and wars.

I give this book five stars and wished for more. I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read more of this author's work.
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