To Bed or To Wed

Sandra Sookoo
To Bed or To Wed
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New Independence Books
Release Date
March 2014
Book 2 of Darrington family
Historical Romance

When an impromptu kiss captures the imagination, either a spark will ignite or family interference will snuff the match.

Charlotte Darrington adores being adored by the men in her circle. She's in London at the request of her mother, and though her parent wants her to find an eligible gentleman and start a family, Charlotte delays. In her heart of hearts, she wants a man who can hold his own and won't be cowed.

Nathan Brigham, Marquess of Ravenhurst, is annoyed with the interfering redhead leading his nephew into the evergreen maze. When he would have delivered a dressing down, she stops his words with a kiss. No matter that he finds her attractive and a welcome distraction from his darkly brooding life, he refuses to succumb to Charlotte's charms. Above everything, he won't become the savage man his father was.

Once they return to London from a house party at his country estate, the two can't avoid each other. Stolen kisses and heated glances in shadowy halls as well as a questionable visit to White's draw them closer. He can't forget the demons from his past while her persistence to hear a declaration begs the question: to bed or to wed?

Book Review by Rachel's Willful Thoughts (reviewer)
Aug 07, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Take a romp through Regency times with a woman who is intrigued by a cranky titled lord and will take extreme measures to unlock his mysteries.

In TO BED OR TO WED, author Sandra Sookoo presents Lady Charlotte Darrington. Rather than being depicted as the typical society miss, Charlotte is anything but normal. It is refreshing to have a main character who not only knows what she wants, but she is not at all afraid of pursuing it.

From the first encounter between the characters, the connection was obvious. The storyline engaged the reader by providing a fresh approach to the traditional Regency love story.

And what romance would be complete without a brooding hero? In this case, the Marquess of Ravenhurst is what I would describe as an enigma. As we learn more about his history, it becomes evident that the writer devoted much care in his development.

From house parties to the halls of White's gentleman's club, all the flavor of the time period is included...with an added dose of red hot passion.
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