Eostre's Baskets: Rabbit Wars

Whitley Gray
Eostre's Baskets: Rabbit Wars
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Loose Id
Release Date
March 2014
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

After two months in Dubai supervising a construction project, architect Jefferson Fontaine returns home to find his boyfriend boffing the dog walker. Reeling, Jeff grabs his dignity and departs. The arrival of a mysterious wicker box and a letter requesting Jeff's presence for the reading of a local entrepreneur's will sends Jeff to his hometown of Crooked Creek, Colorado. The last thing he expects is to encounter an old flame who disappeared fifteen years ago.

After high school, Ashton Eiker hoped to start a future with the boy he loved, but his world crashed when Jeff refused to bring Ash along with him to college. Ash ran from the rejection, but returned to Crooked Creek a year ago, bringing his confectionary talents and opening a chocolate shop. When the great uncle of a childhood friend names Ash in his will, he could hardly anticipate getting a helping of his past in the mix.

Jeff and Ash jointly inherit the historic Jeremiah Rabbit House, and are forced to work together to meet the terms of the will or neither will have the mansion. It's a battle of opinions, shared personal history, and present attraction, but the true prize isn't the Rabbit legacy. It's the chance at something better.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author,reviewer)
Apr 01, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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RABBIT WARS has all the elements of a great read. Two men meeting up after many years apart, having left on bad terms. A beautiful setting in Crooked Creek, Colarado, with the mountains and nature on the doorstep. An old abandoned mansion, the Jeremiah Rabbit house, adding an element of intrigue and mystery. And the chocolate shop and the factory. Such a unique idea, something that fires our taste buds and our imagination, as we think of the delicious flavours of White Rabbit chocolates and Ash's new shop, ‘Chocolate Suite'. You can almost taste the unique flavours on your tongue as you read and salivate over finding such a treasure.

Jeff is shattered after coming home unexpectedly and finding his boyfriend Deak in a rather compromising position with another man. To add insult to emotional injury, his job is at risk , and it looks like someone is out to get him. Jeff gets a letter asking him to go back to Crooked Creek to meet with the town lawyers about the late Dalton Rabbits' last Will and Testament. He decides it's time to leave Chicago and the bad memories and go back home to find out what it's all about.

And of course there's a man in his life that he hadn't counted on meeting again. Ashton Eiker, his first love from when they we just teenagers. Life, and Dalton Rabbit, has thrown them together in an enterprise that's surprising to both of them and makes them have to relook at the way they feel about each other.

Old passions run high and despite the hurtful way they parted fifteen years ago, both men find themselves drawn back into each other's lives in a way they never expected. RABBIT WARS is a beautifully written story with lovely descriptions of Crooked Creek and the places that make it special, and you can almost picture it in your mind, smell the pine trees and definitely the fragrance of the chocolates. The two men fall in love all over again.

But underneath all the beauty and the rekindling of old love, Jeff bears a secret that tears him apart and leads him to believe that he isn't the right person for Ash. So when his work calls and tells him he's been relocated to Iceland for a year, he decides that's probably the best thing for them both…

I found the ending a little rushed, as if all the loose ends were being tied up to complete the story, but this didn't really detract from the fact that I enjoyed this short story. If you love old mansions, chocolates and a beautiful back drop of scenery, then this one is for you.
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