Magnolias at Midnight

Kate Maxwell
Magnolias at Midnight


Ellora's Cave
Release Date
March 2014
Erotic Romance

When aspiring journalist and small-town girl Ellie Martin is sent to cover the biggest New Orleans deb party of the season, she soon finds herself the object of desire of the party's mysterious host—Christopher Trader, the debutante's devastatingly handsome older brother.

From the moment Ellie feels the powerful playboy's eyes upon her, she is seduced by his world of lavish wealth and wild, hot sex in and out of bed—and she succumbs to the sensual nature she never knew she possessed.

A deliriously happy Ellie soon finds herself thrust in the middle of an all-out family war. Ensnared in the Trader family turmoil, she begins to unravel a web of dark secrets and lies, fueled by adultery and murder.

What Ellie doesn't realize is that the vendetta that lies at the heart of the feud may just lead to her own undoing—or worse.
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