Duke by Day, Rogue by Night

Katherine Bone
Duke by Day, Rogue by Night
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EsKape Press
Release Date
March 2014
Book 1 of The Nelson's Tea Series
Action/Adventure Romance, Historical Romance

CONSTANCE DANBURY is desperate to escape an arranged marriage to a man nearly twice her age. Her only hope is to board a merchantman bound for Spain to enlist her aunt's help. Her plans go awry when she's captured by pirates. Even more alarming, her traitorous body longs for the man who's returning her to England! Pushed into a marriage of convenience, she's caught between two men—one owns her heart, the other is bent on stealing it.

PERCIVAL AVERY is a member of Nelson's Tea, an elite group assigned to protect England's shores at any cost. On a mission to avenge his sister's death, Percy infiltrates the gang of cutthroats responsible. When his vessel attacks a merchantman, Percy must choose between vengeance and saving the life of his commander's niece. His only choice is to mutiny, but mutiny obliterates his well-laid plans. Forced on a new course that leads straight back to Constance Danbury, Percy has to make a decision—chase revenge or allow himself to love again.

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
Apr 19, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Lady Constance Danbury is running away from her father and the old man that he wants her to marry for him to avoid financial ruin and debtors prison. She is determined to reach her aunt in Spain to get funds to help her father so she will not have to marry him.

However, her plans do not go as she wished. On her ship she is overtaken by pirates, and one particular pirate takes her captive. He has a patch over one eye but still a handsome face and body even if he is a killer. Lieutenant Guffald, her friend who was supposed to keep her safe, tried to protect her. Her maid tries her best to defend her, too. But her fate is taken out of their hands by this barbarous pirate.

Thomas Sexton is a pirate in the employ of Captain Frink for murder and mayhem. He is despicable but he hides his other identities of a spy and flamboyant Lord Percy in service for King and country. He is captivated by the cargo of the ship when he sees Constance. His plans all go out the window. He was trying to find the murderer of his young sister among the pirates and other nasty persons.

This delightful tale keeps you guessing. You can't guess who is bad and who is good plus there were some very torrid love scenes leading up to it all. They captivate your attention, too.

I must refuse to give more away but to say you will enjoy it is putting it mildly. I loved it. I couldn't put it down. The plot was well structured and well thought out. I loved the twists and turns and how it led you deeper and deeper into the mystery. Just when you thought all was saved, something else would happen and take a different turn. The villains were true to their evilness. I found the characters true to their beliefs and horrible fellows as they ought to be. This story has an exciting and surprising ending.

I recommend this romance heartily. I gave it five stars for the exceptional plot and characters.

If you like romantic Regency historical novels, you will thoroughly enjoy this book, too.
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