As Night Falls

Avril Ashton
As Night Falls
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
February 2014
Book 2 of Fantasies:Thr33
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Alexis and Luca Covington have been burned, badly, by a past lover. They've decided against bringing another man fully into their relationship, but can't resist having one in their bed every now and again. When Luca shares a naughty and dangerous fantasy with Alexis, she signs them up with a fantasy hotline. One night with a stranger, not a big deal. Until they meet Jonah DiCarlo.

Jonah DiCarlo had to start his life over when his former lovers betrayed him. He's determined to never get involved in a three-way relationship again. Lonely, he goes along when his sister signs him up for a one night fantasy. Being with Alexis and Luca shows Jonah what he's missing, and how much he needs to belong again. But knowing and doing are two different things and as night falls, Jonah will have to put aside his fears and take a chance.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Apr 02, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you're not into exhibitionism, you may want to refrain from picking up AS NIGHT FALLS in a public place. You'll definitely want a locked door, a bottle of wine and an extra set of batteries when you begin this erotic adventure.

Ready to celebrate 10 years of marriage, Dr. Luca Covington is horrified to arrive home to what seems like an assault in progress, with his beautiful wife Alexis bound and gagged with a gun pointed at her head. But when the masked man pulls out Alexis' scarf, her "tell", Luca relaxes into the extraordinary fantasy of watching his wife get taken by this stranger. The couple has always enjoyed pushing the sexual envelope, and when Luca shares his fantasy with his wife, she works hard to make it happen with the dangerously delicious Jonah. Even though Luca claims he doesn't want another third in their life permanently after their last triad went so wrong, Alexis knows they both need and want what another man can give them. She has a feeling that Jonah might just be that man.

Jonah DiCarlo tries not to envy what Alexis and Luca have together, but the way the two of them are so clearly very deeply in love takes him by surprise and makes him wish for things he has no business wishing for. He's knocked off-kilter when the couple approaches him, inviting him to see where a relationship between them all could lead. Jonah was almost destroyed by the last threesome he was in, so he's understandably hesitant this time around. Luca and Alexis will do whatever it takes to make Jonah theirs.

While AS NIGHT FALLS features some seriously decadent sex scenes, there are definitely parts in the opening scene that may be offensive to some readers. Alexis, Luca and Jonah experiment with rape fantasies, knife play, forced penetration, breath play and more. I'll admit that these things have never been a turn on for me to read about, in fact more than once I've been repulsed by such I was more than shocked with how delicious I found AS NIGHT FALLS! Ms. Ashton presented the encounter in such a way that it was more exciting than disturbing (for me) and I absolutely found the entire MMF menage story squirm-worthy.

While the story nor the characters were particularly deep, I was able to connect with each of them and enjoy the story line anyway. Alexis was pretty phenomenal, taking charge and making a relationship happen despite the reluctance of both her husband and their lover. She and Luca had good reason to be wary, as did Jonah, but I appreciated how they all went in with full honesty and eyes wide open.

AS NIGHT FALLS really flowed well...until it didn't. I thought the story was rushed through toward the end, when it ended a little too abruptly for my tastes. I definitely think that a few more chapters could have benefited this book a lot, but barring that, an epilogue would have been nice. As it stands though, AS NIGHT FALLS is an excruciatingly erotic read that fans of MMF erotic romance will drool over.
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