Lies That Bind

Caitlyn Willows
Lies That Bind
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Loose ID LLC
Release Date
March 2014
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Western Romance

After a year's absence, Tessa returns to the Texas ranch and two cowboys she walked out on when her life turned inside out. She's here to bury a friend, cut her ties with this town, that's all. That may be all that Tessa's planning, but Rex and Tyler want their woman back and they're not going to make it easy.

If one good man is hard to find, two are even harder to resist. Tessa's determination to shut them can't withstand the fire of their mingled passions. Pretty soon, the fire draws them back to each other. How can she leave when it feels so damned good tucked up nice and tight between them?

It's not long before Tessa realizes she'd rather bend her pride to be with her men than live the hell of loneliness without them. Also not long before someone else starts threatening their new romance by killing anyone who'll expose this town's dirty laundry. Not long before Tessa's secrets make her a target herself...

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Apr 10, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When Thomas Wolfe said "you can't go home again," clearly he wasn't referring to trio Tessa, Rex and Tyler. When the three meet up after a year-long absence, it's game on for their no-holds barred relationship!

Returning to the Texas dude ranch and the two delicious cowboys she left a year ago, Tessa Fairchild only wants to bury her friend Derek and get some closure from the things that sent her running. Rustlers Retreat owners Rex Williams and Tyler Coltrane are devastated by the loss of their partner and friend, but can't deny they're happy to see Tessa again. Rex and Tyler let their woman go once, but they're not going to make that mistake again now that she's back in their lives. Not that Tessa is going to fight it...once she sees Rex and Tyler, she wonders how she ever lived without them.

It seems that somebody is out to harm the people around Rustlers Retreat, and Tessa, Rex and Tyler won't stop until they uncover the reasons behind Derek's death...even if it turns up town secrets better off buried. Will anything still make sense after they each get the answers they've all desperately wanted? Tessa will have to make amends with everyone she loves if she ever wants a future back at the ranch with her men.

LIES THAT BIND is a terrific novel by Ms. Willows that combined incredibly hot sex with a cozy little mystery to create a must read for fans of erotic suspense stories. I thought Tessa was a bit of a selfish brat for leaving, even though she was shocked and devastated when she did. That said, Rex and Tyler didn't go after her, which is what you do when someone you love is hurting and scared.

The only thing that prevented me from rating this a 5 star book is that LIES THAT BIND seems like more of a sequel rather than a standalone novel. I would've liked some backstory on the trio's relationship, why she lashed out and what she said to her men when she ran, etc. Even a nice little prelude would've satisfied my curiosity. Because of the lack of history told to the reader, I had tough time fully connecting with any of the characters and getting on board with their deep love for one another.

That said, the suspense and mystery in this book were excellent and had me trying to figure out whodunit almost the entire time. I loved the red herrings Ms. Willows throw out there and wound up appreciating the villain more for it. And the sex...seriously. It was out of this world. The reunion scene between Tessa and Tyler and their light BDSM switch roles...OMG, it was fantastic! I loved that both could dish it out and take it in equal measures! Rex was bolder in bed, angrier and rougher but no less passionate than Tyler. I'll admit my disappointment in the lack of any MM action, but even without the dude-on-dude drool, it was fabulous.

While the book ended rather abruptly and I'd have liked an epilogue, I still think that LIES THAT BIND was an overall excellent read that fans of MFM ménage and erotic suspense will adore.
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