Deliver Me

Remmy Duchene
Deliver Me
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Release Date
March 2014
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

The severe bullying he suffered as a teenager left Jack Flemming scarred both physically and emotionally. Now an adult, he has carved out a life for himself as co-owner of the Mechanic Shop. He enjoys his volunteer work with the throwaway boys and has a supportive best friend. When the past resurfaces in a phone call from Zachariah Durban, Jack discovers that while living is easy, forgiveness is much harder.

Zachariah Durban did a bad thing when he was a young punk of a teenager. But right after he did it, he knew it wasn't right. Still, he ran away and made something of himself as a big shot author. Now, living in the south of France with writer's block hitting him hard, Zachariah knows something has to change—starting with earning Jack Flemming's forgiveness

Book Review by Pat Henshaw (author,reviewer)
Apr 17, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Are fifteen years enough for a man to forgive the guy who nearly killed him? I wasn't convinced Jack Flemmings could.

In high school, Jack was stripped, tied to a flag pole, and left in freezing weather overnight as a prank by a group of guys including the teen he loved, Zachariah Durban. Jack survived, but Zachariah, now a famous author living in the South of France, hasn't gotten over his guilt in betraying Jack.

Fifteen years later, Jack's the co-owner of a garage and helps troubled teens by guiding them as they rebuild cars to raise money for their group home. He's been getting attached to a kid named Jordan Nash and has been thinking about adopting the boy.

But repeated phone calls from Zachariah, which Jack at first refuses to answer, have cut up his peace. Should he give Zachariah the chance to apologize for his part in the prank that nearly killed him?

Not only is Jack's answer yes, but he flies off in Zachariah's private jet to spend time with the man and see if the love they supposedly shared would reignite, leaving the emotionally scarred Jordan behind.

At this point, the story totally lost me. I could understand Jack being curious about why Zachariah went along with a senseless and harmful prank, but why it escaped Zachariah's reasoning powers to understand that Jack was in real trouble out there alone and cold was beyond me. That Zachariah, when he heard Jack nearly died and was in the hospital fighting for his life, flees to college without saying a word to Jack was beyond my comprehension.

Then I'm supposed to believe Jack is so in love with Zachariah that he will stop his life to go see the man? No, sorry, can't take that step.

Jack may not harbor resentment after fifteen years, especially since he's built a comfortable life for himself and is seriously thinking of adopting a teen. But that he would drop everything in his world to jump into Zachariah's was just a little too much.

Time might heal all wounds, but I'm hard pressed to believe it heals betrayal and abandonment too, the two things besides the physical and mental wounds Zachariah was instrumental in giving Jack.

I also find it hard to believe that in the fifteen year interim, Jack hasn't found someone else to love, someone he can trust and believe won't ever harm him.
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