The Rebel and the Thief of Souls

Linda Gayle
The Rebel and the Thief of Souls


Linda Gayle
Release Date
March 2014
Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Western Romance

Confederate captain Caleb Tanner is so vicious in battle that his own men call him the reaper. Yet something even darker shadows him. A creature he witnesses drinking the blood of the dying—and stealing their souls. In a failed attempt to kill the vampire, Caleb is bitten but survives. Now the poison of the vampire's bite flows through his veins, cursing him with an unbreakable bond with the demon that slaughtered his troops. In the aftermath of the Civil War, Caleb vows revenge.
Left alone to run her dead brother's ranch, Annie Monroe encounters a wounded rebel needing shelter. Caleb draws her in with the tale of the demon he hunts. Surely the vampire is mere fantasy. But when strange forces are clearly at work in the death—and undeath—of her neighbor, she starts to believe—and fall in love with the determined captain.
Death beckons even as passion flares between Annie and Caleb. Drawn into a living nightmare, they join forces to defeat an ancient enemy. But the vampire has a sinister destiny in mind for Caleb. One that may demand his immortal soul in exchange for Annie's life.


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