Granite Devotion

Morgan Sierra
Granite Devotion
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Breathless Press
Release Date
October 2010
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

Two hundred years ago, Allyn du Sainte Dominique was cursed to a granite prison in the form of a gargoyle. It devastated his lover, the powerful witch, Helene Laurent.

The curse is a powerful one invoked by the goddess Helene worships, but with the universe in perfect alignment, Helene has a chance to free him. She'll do whatever it takes and use every ounce of her desire to change him back to the human she once knew. Will Helene's passion and her devotion be strong enough to break the ties that bind him?

Book Review by Debbie (reviewer)
Feb 19, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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GRANITE DEVOTION is a short fantasy story. It is extremely erotic and is a story of deep devotion and soul wrenching love that has withstood time. It's about a couple forced to live 200 years apart due to a curse.

Allyn was cursed and turned into granite Gargoyle after he tried to protect Helene from punishment. To get Allyn released, Helene must prove to the Goddess that she is a powerful witch.

The act of the sex magic to get the curse revoked is very sensual and very descriptive. For such a short story, it was full of vivid detail and a great story about unrequited love that withstood the test of time.
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