Master of My Mind

Jenna Jacob
Master of My Mind
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Jenna Jacob
Release Date
March 2014
Book 3 of The Doms of Genesis
BDSM, Erotic Romance

After the shocking death of my Master left me stunned, the revenge his ex-wife and daughter sought was almost as devastating. Seeking refuge at Club Genesis, my one safe haven, I returned to heal and get back on my own two feet.
But I soon learned that fate had other plans for Leagh Bennett.

Tony Delvaggio, the panty-melting sadist and resident shrink of Genesis, took me under his wing. Both frightened by his intensity and secretly thrilled by his unwavering attention, I tried to hide my past and barricade my soul from him. But Tony coaxed my thoughts with his deep voice and seduced my body with his rough hands. Before long, he pried open my heart as well. But when it became clear that someone meant to kill me, I came to a terrifying conclusion: I would have to put my complete trust and submission in the Master of my mind or die...

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Aug 20, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you are looking for an emotionally draining, tear-jerking, BDSM romance, look no further! Not having previously read the other books in this series, but being drawn in by the psychological focus of this plot, I was extremely surprised and happy to find that MASTER OF MY MIND cleverly delivers on many of my favorite fronts: passion, suspense, mystery, and romance! Additionally, although there is some carryover and continued development of previously introduced characters, MASTER OF MY MIND works well as a standalone, if you, like me, want to skip ahead to this one. Of course now, that I have learned of some of the other characters, my interest has been piqued and I may just have to go back and read their stories as well!

Having watched her from afar, when she was collared by another, Tony Delvaggio, one of the Club Genesis Masters, constantly found himself dreaming of one day teaching Leagh Bennett, the "brat" of the club, the true meaning of submission. When her prior Dom passes away, Tony finally has his opportunity and is determined to take full advantage of it, even if it means he will need to possess an inordinate amount of patience while Leigh recovers from her grief. Fortunately, he is well equipped as a psychologist to help her work through her turmoil.

Leagh, however, has a lot more to conquer emotionally than just her grief. She hasn't even left George's (her past Dom) funeral, before she is quickly made to realize that she is the target of her past Dom's ex-wife's and daughter's revenge plot. With a large estate at stake, the extremes to which they will go to is unlimited, and their first strike is to evict Leagh from the home that she shared with George and to destroy all of her personal belongings in the process.

Completely alone and with nowhere to turn, Leagh goes to Club Genesis where she is welcomed with open arms by the family she and George had been living the BDSM lifestyle with. Chief among her rescuers is Tony. But Leagh is reluctant to open up to Tony, something which he demands prior to taking another step with her, even while he fights his undeniable attraction to her. Leagh is also conflicted, as there are some secrets from her past that are just too deep to share. Moreover, what scares her the most is that she shouldn't be feeling anything for Tony when her heart is still breaking over George's death. How could she, the Club brat who isn't even sure if she is truly a sub, ever find happiness with Tony, who is one of the Club's hardcore sadists?

What a fascinating read! I loved the way Tony identifies and works through Leagh's various stages of grief, and how he instructs her in the ways of the submissive lifestyle. Putting aside his needs to cater to Leagh's and completely swarming her in his protectiveness and overwhelming care, Tony exemplifies some of the best Dom traits!

All in all, I found MASTER OF MY MIND to be a highly enjoyable BDSM romance with a good dose of suspense and mystery! If you are in the market for a BDSM romance, MASTER OF MY MIND may just be a great pick for your next one!
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