Quintus The Initiate

Sarah K Naughton
Quintus The Initiate


Jaguar Press
Release Date
April 2012
Book 1 of The Banquets of Bacchus
Erotic Romance, Historical fiction, LGBTQ

Quintus Marcellinus has been pledged since birth to the Temple of Bacchus. Whereas serving the pantheon of immortal Gods is considered prestigious, to enter the Bacchanalian Temple of a dying God evokes little esteem from ancient Roman society. The Temple of Bacchus, it is rumoured, is a realm of depravity, where sex and pleasure and all fleshly desires are the methods by which Bacchus is served by his devotees. Quintus is a Chosen of Bacchus, wherein he enters the Temple, youthful, innocent, beautiful, to be prepared for passage into the Ecstatic Mysteries. As a Chosen, Quintus encounters the sexually virile and powerful Acolytes, who apprentice Quintus onto the path of the Mysteries; a path strewn with erotic experiences and sexual explorations of such intimacy that Quintus cannot imagine anything will surpass the joys of sexual surrender. However, he is yet to encounter the God himself, Bacchus of the depraved, the lustful, the creator of the Ecstatic Mysteries...Quintus is about to learn the truth of reaching the Pinnacle, which lies at the very heart of the Mysteries and is the fountainhead of sexual mastery.

The Banquets of Bacchus Trilogy tells the story of a young Chosen of Bacchus, Quintus Marcellinus and his sexual awakening into the pleasures of the Temple of Bacchus. Part One: Quintus The Initiate. Part Two: Becoming The Acolyte. Part Three: The Pinnacle.

This is M/M erotica which is suitable for 18 years or over. There are extensive sex scenes which are consensual, deeply erotic and sensuous, featuring beautiful men loving beautiful men.
Approx. 7,200 words.
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