Paris Connection

J.P. Bowie
Paris Connection
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Totally Bound
Release Date
March 2014
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

A young American falls in love with Paris, and a stunning Frenchman, but murder and mayhem, let alone distance, might ruin his chance of lasting happiness.

After seeing the movie Midnight in Paris, Jay Harrison becomes obsessed with the idea of a vacation in the City of Light. Jay has always been a bit of a dreamer and while he doesn't think he will actually have the same bizarre experiences the main character in the movie had, he is certain that Paris holds something very special for him.

Jay is a shy man and a bit of a lightweight in the sexual experience arena, so he's nervously surprised when Anton Delcour, a handsome Frenchman, introduces himself at the Café Les Deux Magots on his first day in Paris. He's even more surprised by his own eagerness to know more about Anton—a lot more. When Anton offers to give him a personal tour of Notre Dame Cathedral, he jumps at the chance to perhaps get better acquainted with Anton.

The two men bond quickly through their mutual attraction, and Jay's visit to Paris takes on a new dimension when he's in Anton's company. But when a case of blackmail and murder threatens to get in the way of his budding summer romance, Jay begins to think that the movie he loved might just pale in comparison to what is actually going on around him.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
May 01, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Aw, romance in the city of romance.

Jay has fallen in love with Paris and makes the decision to finally visit the city he's seen so much about. While there, he meets a private investigator, Anton, and the two become pretty close pretty quickly.

I really enjoyed how Anton was taken by Jay. The two were immediately attracted to one another and made sure to spend as much time as possible while Jay was in Paris. They did not waste one second. But Anton wasn't too selfish with his time with Jay. He still made sure that Jay saw all the sights with his tour and was able to enjoy his time as tourist, which I thought was sweet. How easy it would have been for him to keep Jay in his bed for the entire trip, but he didn't. No matter how much Jay might have preferred that kind of treatment.

Jay is introduced as a pretty innocent character; he doesn't have much sexual experience and he's very shy when it comes to other guys and putting himself out there. But as soon as he meets Anton, he's almost the aggressor in the relationship. I'm all good with the insta-slut, but only when it makes sense with the character. This did not make sense with what we knew about Jay previously. I can't imagine someone as shy with guys as he is saying such dirty, dirty things to virtually a stranger. They were a great couple that I enjoyed reading about, I just wish that they had stayed true to their character that was initially introduced.

The mystery was kind of fun. It felt a little out of place since it wasn't mentioned until pretty far into the book so I had completely forgotten that there was supposed to be any sort of investigation. I shouldn't have felt surprised because hello, it's in the blurb, but I was already settled into the romance story by the time the suspense part was brought into the book.

PARIS CONNECTION was a sweet romance set in an exciting location. Despite a few things that bothered me, it's worth the read and is definitely a recommended read.
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