Stop Dragon My Heart Around

Susannah Scott
Stop Dragon My Heart Around
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Entangled Covet
Release Date
April 2014
Book 2 of Las Vegas Dragons
Paranormal Romance

Lucky Leprechaun underwear ironed? Check.

Gold plated hearing aids? Check.

Pink doggy booties, times four? Check.

Tee is Vegas's favorite casino hostess, ready to grant her high rollers their every quirky wish. But when her own wish to financially help her Paiute Tribe finally comes true, she decides to double-down with lady luck and go for a hot hook-up with her sexy boss, Leo. Unfortunately, Tees about to find out why their romance is such a long shot—Leo is a shape-shifting dragon.

Leo needs a proper dragon mate to save his waning dragon form, and despite their magnetic sexual attraction, he knows Tee is anything but proper—or a dragon. But when threats arise from Tee's tribe, Leos protective instincts kick in. Can he give up his dragon form for the woman he loves—even if it means shortening his life? Or has Tee finally had enough of having her heart dragged around?

Book Review by Evampire (reviewer)
Apr 29, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This riveting dragon read keeps readers on the edge of their seats and tingling in anticipation.

Vegas' favorite casino host, Tee decides to double-down with lady luck and go for a hook-up with her sexy boss, Leo, only she's about to find out why their romance is such a long shot. With his dragon waning, Leo knows he needs a proper mate and no matter his attraction for Tee, it's not meant to be. But when threats arise from Tee's tribe, Leo's protective instincts kick in. Can he give up his dragon form for the woman he loves?

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps the adrenaline pumping with lots of action, suspense, drama and romance. The tension builds as several different conflicts happen throughout the story that keeps the readers guessing what's next. The author describes the story with vivid descriptions and details that bring the story to life and the strong compelling characters are easily related to and grab the reader's attention from the very beginning.

The attraction between Tee and Leo radiates extreme heat from every page and the sex scenes burn hotter than the dragon's flame. The relationship however is highly volatile and liable to explode at any given moment. I found that Tee was a bit overly dramatic at times but keeps things interesting; besides, who can blame her? Leo is a dragon and he could have handled things a little better but at the same time the reader can certainly understand both points of view.

I love the wonderful dragon shifter world that the author created, Dragons in Las Vegas, in a casino. who would think to look for them there? This certainly arouses my curiosity; I might have to take a trip to Vegas soon. The author paints such a vibrant picture of these dragons and their world that I was totally captivated by them and I can't wait to read the next one.
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Book Review by Victoria Lane (reviewer)
Jun 03, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND by Susannah Scott is a sizzling emotional drama that continues the fantastic story of the dragon shape shifters' quest to save their race. I give 3 stars and continue to recommend this series to all dragon lovers.

In the novel, Tee (Tallulah) is a Native American woman living off her reservation and working as a concierge at the Crown Jewel casino hotel. Aside from trouble on the reservation and the cut-throat competition between Tee and another concierge for the title of best/highest grossing concierge and the accompanying bonus, Tee struggles with her feelings for Leonidas, her boss and the second in command at the Crown Jewel. They recently shared a passionate kiss, but Leo is suddenly fighting his desire for her.

Leonidas has been left in command of the Crown Jewel by the honeymooning Alec, the King of the Dragons. He feels the pressure to keep the business running smoothly, but even more so, he feels the struggle between his incredible desire for Tee and his natural desire to continue his family line. Only his destined mate will help him save his waning dragon form. Since Tee doesn't have his dragon mark, Leo accepts that he must look elsewhere for his mate, but he is beginning to wonder whether he wants anyone else besides Tee.

I enjoyed STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND. This second installment of the Las Vegas Dragons series was more dramatic and less action-packed than the first, but such is life; not every person's story is the same. I applaud Susannah Scott's varying the challenges in each character's life. The book title is also a nice play on words.

I liked the characters, especially Tee with her inner struggle to move on from Leo even though she is in love with him. Since it has been a while since I read the last novel, I could have used some more substantive scenes with Leo and Tee that establish their relationship. The declarations of love were just a bit thin and unsubstantiated for me.

The romance was graphic and sufficiently pervasive to make this novel appropriate for adults.

I also appreciated the description of tribe politics and the tension between the old and young members of the tribe when discussing the tribe's future; that aspect provided some interesting depth to the plot. I would have liked to see some more drama with Roy. In the beginning of the novel, he seems like a more major character, and I expected more drama surrounding the competition--more scheming, more back-stabbing. While we hear what happens to him in the end, I would have liked to see a scene involving Roy and Leo's confrontation. I feel like Roy's character provided such an opportunity to add complexity and depth to the overall plotline, but ultimately, I felt like the opportunity was missed. As with Roy's character, the reader learns very little about Leo's family in Australia, though they could have been a more prominent presence in the novel.

On the technical side, there were a few typos and blocking issues, but they weren't overly distracting.

Overall, I liked STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND and look forward to the next book in the series about Jane and Nico.
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