Branded in Oasis

Verna Clay
Branded in Oasis
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M.O.I. Publishing
Release Date
April 2014
Book 2 of Oasis Series
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Kade Blackwell has met his match in Skylar (Skye) Rutherford. Skye is a successful photographer and Kade is, well...he could be the next supermodel if Skye has her way. Kade owns the local garage in the tiny desert town of Oasis in Arizona and his passion is customizing motorcycles. He has no inclination to become a supermodel, until he suddenly finds himself in need of funds for something very, very important.

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May 05, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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They literally met by accident. He pegged her as a spoiled, rich girl and wanted nothing to do with her; he'd been burned by her kind before. As a professional photographer, she thought he was the handsomest and most photogenic man she'd ever seen and she couldn't help but snap a few photos. It wasn't a very good start, but they were both intrigued despite themselves, and it was most definitely the start of something.

Skylar Rutherford was apologetic when she bumped the motorcycle he was test driving for a client, but as soon as Kade Blackwell realized she was sister to billionaire Oasis resident Max Rutherford, Kade branded Sky as a trouble he'd rather avoid altogether. Her type wasn't for a simple mechanic and garage owner like him. But the irritating woman snapped his photo every time they chanced to meet and tried to talk him into modeling for money. But Kade had no plans to change his quiet life in Oasis; that is, until his grandmother needed an expensive hip replacement surgery. And, though reluctant, Kade would do anything for the woman who'd raised him to adulthood and loved him unconditionally.

Sky was both taken aback and secretly delighted when Kade Blackwell asked her to return to Oasis to photograph him and create a portfolio, though she had no idea why he'd suddenly changed his mind about modeling. And in the two weeks they worked together on photo shoots, Sky and Kade called a truce and developed a friendship of sorts, even as each denied their building attraction and Kade reevaluated the preconceived notions he'd had about Sky.

Living the simple life for a few weeks had globetrotting Sky falling in love with the desert town of Oasis and longing for the happiness of home and family that her brother Max had found there. And, unknown to Sky, Kade longed for the same things, but quite suddenly, Kade's modeling career was taking off and Sky found she couldn't stand in the way of Kade's bright future even if it broke her heart and stole her dreams.

I simply couldn't wait to renew my acquaintance with the residents of the Desert Princess Trailer and RV Park in Oasis, Arizona and the always refreshing Verna Clay didn't let me down. Sky and Kade are likeable characters who have both been disappointed in love and think they'll never have the love and family they've both secretly longed for. As Ms. Clay peels back the layers on these two compelling and complex characters, they learn they have more in common than they ever expected, but it's hard to let their hearts rule their heads when past experiences in love made for hard lessons.

Suffice it to say that Ms. Clay's talent for penning delightful and romantic meetings of the mind didn't disappoint even though the use of the loveable secondary characters introduced in predecessor book Stranded in Oasis were less utilized in this linked but standalone book in the series. Yet, as ever, I'm eagerly anticipating Ms. Clay's next addition to this heartwarming contemporary series, because who doesn't appreciate a creative feel-good read?
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