Engineering Her Racy Pleasure

Tara Rose
Engineering Her Racy Pleasure
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Siren-Bookstrand Inc
Release Date
April 2014
Book 11 of Racy Nights
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

When Harper Montgomery moves to Racy and joins the marketing team at Notus, she's pursued by sexy mechanical engineers and Doms, Lee Parker and Mason Sinclair. But when her ex-boyfriend's cyber stalking becomes serious after he turns up in Racy, her new life is filled with danger.

Lee Parker loved once and had his heart broken. He's drawn to Harper because of her humor and sexy curves, but can he give away his heart again? And can he share her with his co-worker and best friend? Mason Sinclair is devoted to his work and has always shied away from falling in love. But all that changes when he meets Harper. He has no problem sharing her with Lee, or with the way his heart flutters whenever she's around.

But when Harper's ex-boyfriend breaks into Mason's house one night during a storm, Harper is alone, and her ex is out for revenge. Can Mason and Lee reach her in time?

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Jul 15, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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ENGINEERING HER RACY PLEASURE is about learning to trust yourself and others to overcome challenges and open yourself up for love.

Harper Montgomery has moved to Racy to start a new job away from an ex-boyfriend who did not love or respect her; he actually did a lot of damage to her self-esteem. Now that she has started her new job in Racy, she runs into Lee and Mason, two of the engineers who work for her company. Lee and Mason are best friends; they're both smart and sexy, and they are both Doms. Harper may have finally met the men who can help her explore her fantasies, but first they will have to earn her trust so she can open up and overcome some deep-rooted insecurities.

However, when Harper's ex, Dennis, tracks her down and starts bullying her online and in emails, Harper feels it is not fair to put Lee and Mason in the middle of things. When she tries to end things with them, they simply don't allow it and get her to tell them the truth about her ex. From there Lee and Mason go into hero mode and work to save and help Harper. But Harper isn't the only one with a past that might make it difficult for the three of them to be happy together...

I'm not sure which Racy books I enjoy more--the ones where the Doms don't know or like each other much and have to grow to trust each other, or the ones where the Doms are good friends who just have to learn to change the dynamics of their relationship. In this book, Lee and Mason are best friends and co-workers, so there is already a bond between them. The smallest twinge of jealousy is the only obstacle the two have to deal with and the love for a wonderful woman helps them overcome it. I adore the way the two of them go into rescuer mode when they find out Harper's ex-boyfriend is sending her mean emails and Facebook posts. As much as Harper doesn't want to pull the two of them into her issues they refuse to let her deal with things alone, and they are so charming and have such a great sense of humor that she can't say no to them. The dynamic between Lee and Mason was terrific to begin with and it only got better when they added Harper into the mix.

I enjoy the fact that new people are moving to Racy and getting involved with long-term Racy residents so the stories are new with a little history mixed in.
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