Eostre's Baskets: A New Dawn

Allie Berg
Eostre's Baskets: A New Dawn
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Loose Id
Release Date
April 2014
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

Amnesiac Essie Sundae has no idea that her psychically-inspired Easter baskets have antagonized treacherous supernatural entities. Or that her new lover is anything other than the identity-challenged shape-shifter he claims to be. To Essie, he's the answer to her loneliness and, if she dares to trust him, possible help in filling in her blanks in her memory.

Xavier Cassidy, aka Rule 34, the soon-to-be god of internet porn, made an ill-advised deal to get help with his little identity problem. Now, he has no choice but to ‘recover' a priceless treasure from Essie, even though he's gone and fallen head over fins, heels or claws for the supernatural beauty who seems to have no idea who she is.

When new threats arise, imperiling Essie's entire existence, Xav's true nature is revealed. She needs his help more than ever, and he'll risk his more-or-less immortal life to give it to her -- if she'll let him.

But Xav's not the only one who'll have to sacrifice for Essie to make their sexily ever after.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Apr 20, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Put A NEW DAWN on your spring reading list ASAP! This is a funny and sexy romp through the islands of Hawaii and the idea of Mount Olympus, with gods and goddesses wreaking havoc on one another in the juiciest possible ways!

Although Eostre "Essie" Sundae shares her name with a goddess and her "truesight" gives her the ability to see the past, present and future, she's just a simple amnesiac trying to bring "sexily ever afters" to couples with her custom gift baskets. But even she gets a little lonely sometimes, so when she seems to conjure up a beautiful man for some hot and anonymous sex, Essie isn't going to complain! Shapeshifting soon to be god of internet porn Xavier Cassidy goes by many names, faces and shapes. Sent by the god Oldman, aka Janus, to retrieve a key from Essie as his final act of servitude, Xav is struck blind by his immediate and fierce reaction to the stunning Essie. He's never pursued seduction for his own pleasure before, but with Essie it feels right…which is totally going to screw him when he has to take the key from her.

Even though Essie doesn't know her past, she knows Xav is meant to have her key. She's terrified to give it to him for reasons she's not entirely sure of, but her truesight is never wrong. Between Oldman's threats to them both, as well as an angry and jealous shapeshifting Hawaiian mo'o, Essie and Xav have only days to figure out who exactly they are...and just how much they trust one another. Will the threats against them both be insurmountable by an amnesiac goddess and a deity with an identity crisis?

A NEW DAWN is a standalone novel in the Eostre's Baskets collection that features a "sexily ever after" story when your hero or heroine receives an adult basket filled with exactly what they need to fix their relationship problems. All books in the collection are linked by these baskets but can be read independently. This is the revelatory story of amnesiac Essie Sundae, former model and current gift basket compiler and the identity-challenged Xavier Cassidy, soon to be god of internet porn. Sounds a bit strange, no?

I'll start by admitting that, as a rule, I don't really "do" fantasy/supernatural stories. This is one of those times where rules were made to be broken. A NEW DAWN was absolutely fantastic…funny and sexy and lighthearted and perfectly different from anything I've read before. Having recently reviewed another book in this collection that didn't include paranormal activity, I was looking forward to checking out the story of the basket creator herself. But when Ms. Berg started mentioning dragons and shapeshifters, I thought it was going to be another book I had to force myself to finish, so it was a pleasant surprise to find myself fully immersed in this story.

Xav was completely awesome. His inner monologue had me LOL'ing repeatedly as I formed images in my mind of a surfer dude/porn star/computer geek. His islander talk mixed with his man-whore mind cracked me up, and I adored that even though he himself was a god (or would be one soon), he worshiped Essie like she was his sun, moon, sky and earth. All the while, poor sexy Xav struggles with his own identity and what he needs to do to break free of Oldman's hold on him.

Essie is a lovely woman who makes dreams happen for other couples but who doesn't have a deep love in her own life. The connection between them is terrifically explosive and oh-so hot! You'll have a hard time convincing me of a more erotic MF "vanilla" book out there; it was just so ferocious and intense. The internet porn god thing could have easily gone cheesily, but instead it made the sex scenes fun and seduced me immediately.

Essie and Xav were so drawn to one another and complemented each other so well that I was entranced by their sexy banter and powerful auras. I also adored the secondary characters, particularly Moana, the shapeshifting dragon protecting her island domain. The interactions between her and Essie in particular were well written, and it was fun watching her squirm throughout the novel.

This book is so difficult to review, because I just want to talk about everything! Luckily for you, I'm going to end this without spoilers and say that A NEW DAWN is a fresh, fun and deliciously sexy book and I can't wait to read more from the talented Ms. Berg.
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