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Sharing Heart
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Release Date
April 2014
Book 2 of Atlanta Hearts
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Between their love for each other and their medical careers taking off, everything should be perfect for Mark Smith and Trevor Hayes. After all, happily ever after begins with "I do." At least that's what Mark expected when he and Trevor married. But six months in Boston and the threat of a harsh winter have turned Mark bitter, and his fall on the ice only adds to that chill. Boston is very different from Mark's native Atlanta, and he's having a hard time adjusting.

As a junior partner in a very busy cardiothoracic surgery practice, Trevor has little choice but to spend almost every waking moment at the hospital. In spite of all the difficulties in their lives, both men want to start a family. The challenge will be figuring out how to make it happen.

Unfortunately, with Trevor's long hours to blame for a nasty accident, Mark begins to resent the toll Trevor's job and the New England cold is taking on them. Maybe it's the Boston air, or maybe happily ever after is just a fairy tale.

Book Review by Pat Henshaw (author,reviewer)
Jun 15, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The daily at-home life of two medical professionals during a winter in Boston doesn't sound very exciting, and it isn't.

Newlyweds nurse/administrator Mark Smith and cardiovascular surgeon Trevor Hayes are trying to settle in to marriage and their recent move from Atlanta to freezing Boston. Readers will get to share in their mundane banter, everyday mishaps, and their frustrations as Trevor has to work longer and longer hours.

Readers who've undergone surgery will shudder for the poor patients who undergo Trevor's care, wondering if the compelling moment in this lackluster rundown of their days will be a patient's death or a lawsuit stemming from Trevor's inadequate care. But no, the first half of the book passes with nothing more exciting than Mark's slip on the ice and the guys' cruise with Trevor's extended family.

The book picks up in the latter third when Trevor's sister, who already has young sons, agrees to become the surrogate mother for the two. At that point, many readers may have my reaction which was that Mark and Trevor didn't need more stress in their lives, so having a baby would just subject Trevor's already shaky surgical skills to even more exhaustion.

That consideration doesn't occur to the men, who realize that while the triplets gestate, they should look for a larger house and less stressful jobs in a different city. Consequently, Trevor puts out feelers to other parts of the United States, adding another layer of stress to his already overburdened day.

Neither Mark nor Trevor is a particularly memorable character, partly because even though they are supposed to be intelligent men, they keep piling stress onto themselves and partly because of the trivial descriptions of their everyday lives. Their only character traits seem to revolve around sex, which they both enjoy and are minutely detailed as are the other bits and pieces of their day.

This would be a completely hopeless book that yells out for a good editor who would slash it into a few sentences if it were not for the last fourth of the book where an actual plot emerges. Then the tedium of having dragged the reader through what seem to be countless hours of domestic banality turns into deep angst about the babies' birth.

With a good editor or writing partner, this could have been an interesting short novella, but as a novel it's just a disappointment.
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