Trusting Chance

Caitlyn O'Leary
Trusting Chance
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Release Date
April 2014
Book 1 of Fate Harbor
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Josie Decker and Chance Reynolds knew each other 25 years ago when they were in the same foster home, before her birth mother reclaimed her. Now, Chance and his best friend Sam Booth, an Afghan war veteran, are living in Fate Harbor, Washington, when Josie re-establishes ties with her former foster parents and opens a bakery in the quaint town. Chance did well in corporate America and is now free to manage his charities, but his most important project is capturing Josie's heart.

He realizes that her time growing up with her mother has left her with physical and emotional scars and a belief that she is unworthy of love. A soul-healing sanctuary, Fate Harbor is accepting of Triad alliances, and Chance believes that he, Josie, and Sam can forge a lasting. fulfilling relationship. Sam suffered a childhood of bouncing in and out of foster care, added to recent trauma from fighting for his country that left him desolate. Chance despaired of saving the brother of his heart, but finding Josie again has given him hope that the three of them can make the perfect future together.

When Josie's 18-year old, younger twin sisters arrive, Chance's plans are challenged. After learning of Josie's unorthodox relationship, one of them says the idea of the triad "hurts her heart". Can Josie go against her beloved sister? How can Josie not follow her heart, in loving these two men unconditionally? With the help of Fate Harbor's townfolk, a dance festival, and some hunky firemen, a happy ending is guaranteed for all.

Book Review by Rachel's Willful Thoughts (reviewer)
Sep 08, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What's a girl to do when not one but two hot guys shower her with attention?

For Josie Decker, a less than picture perfect childhood left her with physical and emotional reminders. She's focused on a new career and doesn't quite know what to do when Chance Reynolds and his best friend Sam Booth pull out all the stops to win her heart.

In TRUSTING CHANCE by Caitlyn O'Leary, the storyline focuses on a triad. While all three main characters have dealt with challenges in life, Josie and Sam both have physical manifestations and are "broken" to various degrees. As a reader, it was refreshing to find imperfect characters.

While not exactly a mainstream relationship, the author explores the inner workings of a m/f/m dynamic through ménage, light BDSM and plenty of heartfelt emotion. All is not wine and roses, though, despite the fact that there are other similar relationships in the town. Making it work is not the easiest option, but TRUSTING CHANCE just might make it all better.
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Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 17, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What's a big beautiful woman to do when faced with two sexy, sweet and built men who fiercely desire her? Why, go for it, of course!

Chance Reynolds can't believe that Zee, the little girl he knew in Betty and Butch's foster home so long ago, is now the beautiful woman back in his life. After Josie Decker was sent back to her birth mother, her life was a living hell, but she made it through by doing everything she could to make things better for her sisters. Now 26 years later, she's reconnected with Mama Betty, and Chance knows that she's the woman for him. Well, for him and Sam, his foster brother and roommate.

Chance considers Sam Booth the brother of his heart, and he'd do wherever he could to make the Afghan war veteran whole again. After suffering a traumatic head injury, Sam is having a tough time dealing with his return to civilian life with PTSD kicking his ass. When his therapist suggests yoga, he's skeptical until he sees the petite Josie striking a pose giving him the first real feelings he's had in months. Sam makes an effort to get close to her.

Josie can't believe the two hottest men she's ever seen are interested in big fat her! It's tough to take them seriously when they're so out of her league. Chance and Sam are sick of Josie putting herself down and they're determined to show her just how much they love every supple inch of her curvy body. The three enter into a soul shifting ménage relationship, something totally normal and accepted by the town. Can Josie learn to love herself enough to allow chance and Sam to love her too? How will her sisters that she raised from birth take the news that she's in a committed relationship with two men? She'll have to trust more than just Chance, she'll have to learn to trust herself, too.

TRUSTING CHANCE is the first book in the Fate Harbor series and can be read as a standalone. At first, I found the writing to be fairly abrupt and matter of fact, very few emotionally packed sentences in there. All three main characters were sweet and lovely. But there was no zing at all, unfortunately, and very little in the way of a plot either.

I have a big problem (pun intended) with books that go on and on about the heroine's size issues. I find it hard to believe that after years of abuse, Josie's main sense of self-worth is based on her size. Of all the hardships she's faced, this is the one that's most profound? Give me a break. It's just so irritating to hear the same "You really like my body?" question posed in 150 different ways throughout a novel. If I were a dude being asked this over and over, I'd throw my hands up in the air and run fast and far away. Ain't nobody got time for that.

But I digress.

Another issue I had was Sam's "dominant" attitude, which really was just him being rude and overbearing. Throwing the label of "Dom" on someone doesn't make their overbearing jerkiness okay. And the fact that Josie entered "subspace" (aka passed out after orgasm) with little to no provocation just drove me nuts as this story went on. Just because the BDSM is a popular genre right now doesn't mean the classification should be used for just any book. Chance was incredibly sweet and cheerful and almost bouncy at was truly surprising that he didn't at least admit some bisexual leanings after some of the things he did and said.

I can't pinpoint everything that didn't do it for me in TRUSTING CHANCE, but as a whole, this book ended up more annoying than arousing for me.
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