Parker's Passion

Sabrina York
Parker's Passion
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Sabrina York
Release Date
May 2014
Book 6 of Tryst Island
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Scarred by a long-ago crime of passion, Parker Rieth has dedicated himself to a cold, emotionless existence as a divorce lawyer. He is utterly unprepared for the effect Kaitlin Stringer has on his heart, mind and soul. Beautiful, ethereal and irresistible, she touches him in a way no other woman has. Though he has vowed to avoid her, he is drawn toward her.

Psychic healer Kaitlin is just what Parker needs to reconcile his past, to finally set old ghosts to rest, and to claim his destiny. Can he find the courage to step into Kaitlin's embrace? Does she have what it takes to awaken his sleeping passion?

Book Review by Jen B (reviewer)
Jul 04, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If this series gets any hotter, the pages are going to spontaneously combust before I ever get the book open!

In this, the sixth book of the Tryst Island series, Sabrina York brings together Kaitlin and Parker, both characters whom we have seen before in the previous books. Parker, Ash's best friend, was scarred as a child, both physically and emotionally. With some fortunate turns in life, he is now a divorce lawyer, forced to be somewhat cold and detached to do his job.

Kaitlin, one of the college friends who stays on Tryst Island with the others, is a psychic healer. A secret her friends know but few others. She finds this to be a curse because being touched can be jarring for her. When she meets Parker, she realizes that he has past issues he needs to face. But when a woman and her daughter are placed in danger by one of Parker's firm's clients, these issues come forward faster than either of them realized they would. The question is, are they prepared to face the problems and can their relationship survive them?

For me, this is a must read series. Sabrina York puts an amazing amount of emotion and fire in all of her books and, as a reader, that always pulls me in. Parker and Kaitlin had a great chemistry and the way he reacted to her reaction to his scars cracked me up. There is nothing like a hero who gets completely gobsmacked to make me smile.

The story itself was well-paced and enjoyable. The sex scenes are hot, as usual, and fun to read. These are two characters who have enough of their own emotional scars that they deserve happiness. The ride they take to get there is not a smooth one but I always find the difference between a good book and a great book is the ability to make me feel different emotions. This book definitely falls in the great book category and made me feel laughter, fear/suspense, happiness, sadness and excitement. I would highly recommend it and, while not a requirement to understand this novella, the entire series, too.
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