Beautifully Damaged

L.A. Fiore
Beautifully Damaged
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Montlake Romance
Release Date
April 2014
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Ember Walsh is a trusting soul with the quiet beauty of her late mother, who perished in a mysterious car crash when Ember was three. A little tomboyish from being raised by her father, Ember packs a punch when a stranger gets pushy with her in a bar, catching the steely blue eyes of a tall, gorgeous tattooed man—Trace Montgomery. Still damaged from her last disastrous relationship and warned off the bad boy by friends, Ember fights the smoldering heat that Trace sparks in her when he begins shadowing her like a dark angel.

Burdened by a lifetime of horror and heartbreak, amateur fighter Trace doesn't want to want Ember. His deep self-loathing keeps him from having any meaningful relationships, but Ember is an itch he can't scratch. The two push and pull, slowly crumbling their walls, seemingly brought together by fate, because the turmoil that haunts their pasts is interlinked in undeniable ways. But can these two fighters finally lay down their arms?

In Beautifully Damaged, L.A. Fiore delves into deep scars and lets love and forgiveness uncover redemption.

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Apr 29, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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L.A. Fiore serves up a heart-stopping, fascinating, sexy read in BEAUTIFULLY DAMAGED. I just knew I was going to like this tale when I read the description, but it was so much more than I was expecting! I anticipated that this would be a story about overcoming a dark past in order to love, but what utterly shocked me was the thriller/mystery aspect of this novel. Question everything, and I still guarantee you will not be able to predict all the twists and turns that this plot takes! Moreover, I think L.A. Fiore succeeds where a number of other stories, like Beautiful Disaster, leave you wanting, in that if you can reserve judgment until the very end you will soon come to realize that this is one damaged hero who--although he views himself as the devil--is really an angel. I will definitely be looking for future works by L.A. Fiore!

Raised by her father, following her mother's death at the young age of three, Ember Walsh is a quiet, average girl who is more comfortable with a good book than a social crowd. Following graduation she moves to New York City to pursue her writing career, and one night at the insistence of her self-absorbed roommate, she accompanies her to a bar. That's where she first meets Trace Montgomery who comes to her rescue when a drunk patron tries to come on to her and doesn't take no for an answer.

Trace is a six-foot-four, tattooed, bad-boy whom women flock to. An independently wealthy, amateur fighter who is known for his "love-them-and-leave-them" ways. Shortly after he comes to her aid, she sees him in the back of the bar getting it on with another girl, but the whole time his eyes are on her. That's when Ember knows she should run in the other direction, but she can't help herself and, after that day, Trace seems to unexpectedly pop up in just about any location she happens to be, causing her to suspect that he may be stalking her. Still she can't resist him, and although clearly torn, Trace also is incapable of resisting Ember.

So begins Ember's and Trace's story, but there are many deep dark secrets that Trace is hiding and even the full truth is elusive from him. His unresolved issues cause him to have horrible fits of rage and he always tries to sabotage any chance for his happiness. Can such a clearly damaged man ever have a chance to discover his HEA? Will Ember be able to resist moving on when he inevitably tries to push her away? Moreover, when the past comes back to haunt them, will the ugly, sad truth tear them apart or forever bring them together?

BEAUTIFULLY DAMAGED sucks you in from the very beginning and takes you through an incredible ride. The ending was so unexpected that I actually cried. I just can't say enough good things about this book. If you like new adult romances with dark heroes and thrilling plot twists, you must read BEAUTIFULLY DAMAGED!
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