Lasso Lovin' Anthology

Jambrea Jo Jones; Jenna Byrnes; Wendi Zwaduk; Alysha Ellis; Nan Comargue; Demelza Hart
Lasso Lovin' Anthology
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Totally Bound
Release Date
May 2014
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, LGBTQ, Western Romance

Six story anthology featuring the following stories:

‘Forever Changed' by Jambrea Jo Jones

‘Fortune's Way' by Jenna Byrnes

‘Tying One On' by Wendi Zwaduk

‘Claiming the Cowboys' by Alysha Ellis

‘Hard Luck Ranch' by Nan Comargue

‘Dust and Desire' by Demelza Hart

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jul 08, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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For some delicious guy on guy on girl lovin', look no further than LASSO LOVIN' ANTHOLOGY by five very talented authors. From modern day ranch owners to old west pioneers, this anthology has something for anyone who enjoys some bisexual action in their threesomes.

Forever Changed by Jambrea Jo Jones

This novella features Army soldier Thomas Gray fulfilling his promise to meet his father, forever changing everything he knew to be true. He quickly meets the sexy Abigail Sommers and her on-again-off-again man Eric Riley. If two can't make it work, how would adding Tommy into the mix make anything better?

I rated this 3 stars. It was a decent MMF ménage story, one I've heard a thousand times before but one which is hot just the same. While the story was erotic, it was still fairly unoriginal and I'd have liked more conflict or some more drama between the three MC's. I really need to get over my prejudice against novellas and novelettes, as there are some really great stories out there to be had!

Fortune's Way by Jenna Byrnes

In this story, ranch owner Dean Fortune and his foreman Kyle Reese are lovers, but when Dean meets sexy as hell Miranda McCabe, the sparks fly! Miranda is there to save the ranch, but instead she finds what she's been looking for in the arms of two gorgeous hard working men.

I felt like this story deserved a 4 star rating, if for nothing else than the incredibly erotic MM opening scene in the barn. Hello! The banter between the guys was excellent and I felt that the two of them had a deep connection that only deepened once Miranda got involved.

Tying One On by Wendy Zwaduk

This one I give a 3 rating. Trista has friendly breakups, but even she's bummed when two of her exes, Ronan Boyd and Steve Reynolds decide to become a couple! As the years go by, Trista remains best friends with her guys, but the men are ready to convince her that they need her in their bed, not just as friends.

It's a sweet erotic story about the love that will endure even if the woman they want in their relationship says no. I rated this story a 3, as I wasn't overly impressed with the sexual connection between Trista and the men. I felt like Ronan was just going along with what Steve wanted, and overall it was just a rather bland read.

Claiming The Cowboys by Alysha Ellis

Here, ranch inheritor Sophie Driscoll arrives at her grandparent's old place at just the right time to see two rugged cowboys going at it on HER couch. What will it take for Hamish and Jackson to convince Sophie to have some fun with them both while she's there!

I felt this story deserved a 3 rating, basically because of the whiplash I got when reading the story. Does she or doesn't she, do they or don't they, appalled and then crazy turned on… For a short story, I feel like things need to be written a little clearer and more concise. That said, the guy on guy action she walks in on--CRAZY good!

Hard Luck Ranch by Nan Comargue

This story is the real gem in this anthology and features an unrequited love between ranch owner Wesley Miller and town sheriff Everett Montgomery. When Wes announces that he's found a mail order bride due into town at any moment, Ev is heartsick. Emma is not what either of them expect, and the men find themselves falling hard and fast for her…nor did she anticipate actually falling in love with her new husband! Emma encourages both Wes and Ev to explore the elephant in the room between them, just as long as she gets to have some fun as well!

This novella was simply terrific and earned a 5 star rating from me. I adored the old west setting along with the mail order bride storyline, and you can really feel the chemistry when the three meet for the first time. You really feel for all the players, especially Ev for Wes not returning his feelings and Ev's sometimes lover Ken for not being able to be what Ev wants. This is an excellent story!

Dust and Desire by Demelza Hart

Finally, we have a story where the old west comes alive when Chase Truman and his former best friend Riff Felton come close to blows over land ownership, but quickly turn the situation into another kind of blow! When Chase rescues the beautiful Adeline Monroe from a broken down train and invites her to stay on at his ranch, the sparks fly immediately between them. But Chase wants his beefcake and to eat her too, so when Adeline catches the men in the act, there's no choice but to join the fun!

This was an excellent read which also receives a 5 star rating and where dirty talk takes on a whole new level of hotness. The angry ferocious MM sex in the beginning where guns are pointed and words are said was beyond erotic. The nasty, raunchy sex talk just put this short erotic romance on the map for me to reread sometime soon. I loved all of the characters, but especially Adeline's bravery and heart. She was a fantastic addition to the men's tumultuous relationship.

The LASSO LOVIN' ANTHOLOGY was overall a great read and one that fans of MMF ménage featuring cowboys will love! It's also a reminder of why I don't care for novellas, because once I start getting invested, the story ends! I enjoyed all of the stories in this book though, and it's introduced me to several authors I'll definitely check into for additional reads. While some of the stories were better than others in my opinion, overall the book worked well and gave the reader a nice mix of time periods, settings and situations to focus on. The best part about this anthology is that if you like your sex kinky and enjoy some man love, you'll get all that and more here.
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