Undercover Obsession

BJ Wane
Undercover Obsession
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Pink Flamingo
Release Date
May 2014
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Piper Winters first met Brody Pearce when he accompanied her adoptive father, Charles Sandoval, to visit her in Geneva. Believing a man as sexy and enigmatic as him wouldn't be interested in an overweight, shy college kid didn't keep her from wanting him. When Brody arrives without Charles the weekend of her graduation, Piper lets yet another disappointment from Charles overrule her common sense and seduces Brody into spending the night. When Brody leaves abruptly the next morning after receiving a phone call that raised her suspicions, Piper decides she's had enough evasiveness and subterfuge from both Charles and Brody and sets out to confront them. But when she arrives in Atlantic City and spies on the private party Charles is hosting at his casino, she learns more about her father and Brody than she ever wanted to know.

For five years Brody has tried to forget the shock of seeing Piper witnessing the assassination attempt on Charles Sandoval, the man he was working undercover for in an attempt to use his alleged connection to a notorious drug lord in order to bring his organization down. He also tried, and failed, to forget the one night he had her soft body next to him and her eager response to the hard slaps he had landed on her lush ass.

When he hears Piper's missing, both Brody and his partner, Ian, rush to Missouri in search of her only to be shocked to find her in her bed, her body suffering the effects of a powerful aphrodisiac. Over the next week, Brody and Ian use every means necessary to rein in Piper's independent, feisty nature in order to keep her safe from the escalating threats aimed at her. Unfortunately, the sexual discipline they subject her to is met with her wholehearted enthusiasm for everything they dished out, making it impossible for Brody to keep doing right by her. Nothing is as it seems in Missouri or at the casino but this time Brody wasn't going to let anything stop him from going after the woman who was perfect for him.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Oct 02, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sometimes it takes a life threatening circumstance to make a person see what was right in front of his face for so long. Then of course there is another situation where seeing the woman you have lusted after in another man's arms made you realize that you love her. It's not too late to make a change.

UNDERCOVER OBSESSION was a very interesting story that grabbed my attention with the amount of suspense it had. And of course the amount of erotic scenes that were throughout the book. I know that there was a huge gap in the amount of time that Brody and Piper had seen each other but it was evident that they were into each other. I love how Piper became this assertive, bright, intelligent young woman compared to the naïve young girl she was. As for Brody, he didn't seem to change from when he was with her when she graduated college to when they reunited five years later. All I know is that his dominant side didn't change and I surely did know that Piper was going to have lots of spankings coming her way.

Piper Winters is a naïve girl at the very beginning but she became a very confident, successful woman later on. But when it came to one man, it seemed that her mind went crazy. The night that she begged him to take her was the best night of her life. When morning came and she saw him with his bag in hand, she knew it meant nothing to him. So when she went seeking her father and saw what she saw, the only thing she did was escape. Piper disappeared for five years but she would never forget Brody, the man that had captured her heart.

Brody Pearce was an undercover FBI agent, and he was after Charles, Piper's adoptive father. that was after the man he was working for. He knows he shouldn't be touching her, especially if she knows he's after her father and planning to put him in prison. But he couldn't stop himself. There was something about her that called out to him. He knew he needed to distance himself, but when she turned up missing, he couldn't stay away. Will he find her in time?

UNDERCOVER OBSESSION was a read that I was able to unwind with after a stressful work week. The dialogue was snappy, funny and believe me, extremely sexy. I could not help but wickedly smile when Piper would provoke Brody. I loved the interaction between all of the characters and love how it seemed to come together. I know that I loved Brody and Piper, but Haley and Ian also piqued my interest, and hopefully, they would have their own book in the near future.

The storyline is captivating as are the characters. This story is filled with passion and so much fun. I loved it when Piper misbehaved and Brody had to discipline her.

I do have to warn some readers about the sexual content in this story. If you are not into reading about spanking, ménage or anal play, you may want to reconsider.

UNDERCOVER OBSESSION is a very well written and satisfying read. I truly recommend this read to all readers who love reading stories that will have you needing a cold shower at the very end.
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