Make a Wish and Blow

Christina James
Make a Wish and Blow
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Wild Rose Press
Release Date
March 2010
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Birthday wishes really can come true—just make a wish and blow.

Daren Hughes has been tortured by his desire to have hot, kinky, wild sex with his best friend, Cassandra. So when he turns her across his knee for a bare-handed birthday spanking, she squirms but doesn't demand that he stop, awakening his darkest desires. Daren hopes that by introducing Cassandra to bondage and spanking, she will embrace her submissive side and satisfy his Dominant hunger. But Daren never expects Cassandra's sexual appetite to match his own.

Cassandra Wright has been in love with Daren forever. So when he proposes they be "friends with benefits" and plans a weekend to explore their sexual attraction, how can Cassandra refuse? Even if he can't give her the happily-ever-after-love she craves. But will Cassandra and Daren's weekend of sexual bliss destroy the one thing that means the most to them…their friendship?

Book Review by Michelle R
Feb 24, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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MAKE A WISH AND BLOW starts out hot and just gets hotter. *fans herself* Have mercy--pacemakers may be required. You HAVE been warned. This is two hundred pages of nearly non-stop luvin'. The energizer bunny has got nothing on Darren Hughes.

I jumped straight from the freezer to the fire with this one. It's Cassandra's birthday and all she wants is the one man she can never have, her best friend Darren. Friends since childhood, she knows Darren is a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. She's not willing to lose his friendship to indulge those lifelong fantasizes.

When, lo and behold, Darren shows up with a birthday cake and seduction on his mind. He starts off with the intent to tease, but is soon stunned to see Cassandra respond to his natural Dominance with an unexpected natural submissive reaction. Could it be that the girl he has denied himself is the very thing he has been looking for all his life?

It's actually amazing all that was packed into this relatively short read. My only complaint would be that the vast majority of the story was dedicated to the sexual exploration of the two as Darren introduced Cassie to the lifestyle of a Dominant and submissive couple. For the most part the character building part of the story went something like this:

Darren: "She's everything I've ever wanted. How will I live without her? Without this? But she doesn't want a long-term commitment. Cassie doesn't do relationships. Ahh, well, I'll enjoy this one weekend we do have together."

Cassie: "I've measured every other lover against Darren and they always fall short, and now that I've actually had him, all I want is to keep him forever. But Darren is a one-night stand kind of guy. Like he said, this is a friends with benefits situation. I'll guard my heart and no matter what he says, remember that he'll tire of me soon and be on his merry way. Until then, I'll enjoy the weekend we've got."

It was cute. It had so much promise and plenty of foundation was there for two strong characters to emerge that compelled me to want to see their HEA. It just fell a tad short for me. They did have moments where they talked honestly and openly, and those were most definitely the highlights for me. The author had me, only to then have the characters' inner reflections begin the negative debate and lose me all over again.

In the end it all came together proving the power of lust is strong enough to topple even the most pig-headed of characters. And, frankly, even if it hadn't, they did have one heck of a weekend!

This one is for those of you wanting a searing little vacation. Make sure you are the adventurous type and expect exhibitionism, toy play, anal sex, bondage and spanking. And lots of it. These two don't know the meaning of the word satiated. Enjoy!
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