Mind Games

Bernice Layton
Mind Games


Genesis Press, Inc.
Release Date
April 2012
Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

Layla Kennedy is a master at hiding.
She's been hiding behind a veil of mental illness. Her racing thoughts, unpredictable behavior, obsessive compulsive issues and panic attacks are for the most part, controlled by assortment of medications. One night Layla walks a tightrope that lands her in hot water when she impulsively shares a night with a handsome brother.
Jordan Scott an attorney is immediately captivated by the mysterious woman who danced her way into his room; and like Cinderella she slipped away into the night. Unable to forget her, he is left speechless several weeks later when he spots her in the courtroom. She's the paralegal to his nemesis at another law firm.
Layla sees him, too. Those lips, that chin, that body…it‘s him! But she's in no position mentally to get involved with any man.
As Layla and Jordan let their guards down and give into their desires once more, they unknowingly become pawns in a well-staged plan of blackmail. It's the worst possible news for Layla and now she must fight to tune out the voices in her head and push away the dark clouds of unrelenting despair and depression.
Unveiling their secrets brings heartache and the blackmail ultimately becomes the catalyst for their survival…that is, if they can outsmart a blackmailer who becomes a killer
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