A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise

Reece Butler
A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
January 2011
Book 2 of Bride Train
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Ménage or more, Western Romance

Ross MacDougal demands vengeance on the men who killed his young cousin, but his Clan Chief, older half-brother Gillis, insists that he produce an heir. Without one, they'll lose their ranch to their brutish brother in Texas when their father dies. But no woman would marry the man known as the MacDougal Devil. An Eastern contract bride is the only way to save the ranch.

Amelia Smathers is desperate for her own home. Before dying of lung complications, her older sister Prudence insists that Amelia marry Nevin MacDougal, her husband Gillis's kindly younger brother. Eyes tearing in grief, Amelia signs the marriage contract and heads west.

Amelia is shocked to discover a different husband, but Ross's erotic touch soothes her. Still, she's expected to share herself, just like Beth Elliott, their closest neighbor. Beth's heated description of sharing three men has Amelia both alarmed and aroused. Then Ross's past catches up with them...

Book Review by Michelle R
Feb 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Have mercy!!! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!

I am now packing my bags and heading for Tanner's Ford to find myself a cowboy (or three). I just have to figure out how to pack the A/C and indoor plumbing... oh... and get kindle reception in the 1870s.. I may need to download and stock up.

Nah. I think I just let those cowboys keep me busy...

This is the second book in the Bride Train series and it stands alone just fine. (Good luck with that. Y'all will be going back and readin' book one the minute you hit the last page of A CONTRACT BRIDE'S TRIPLE SURPRISE.)

In book one, BAREFOOT BRIDE FOR THREE, Beth became good friends with Prudence MacDougal. Prudence was very ill and eventually died, leaving Gill MacDougal a widower and new father to a baby girl. Before she passed away, she arranged for her sister to come to Tanner's Ford to marry Gill's brother Nevin and raise her baby as her own. I pretty much thought Prudence was uppity until the end of book one. She was a little too wimpy for the west, but I have to give credit where it's due. She could have asked to go back east and lived a little longer, but instead she made sure Gillis stayed with his family and Clan. Fortunately her sister, Amelia, was on the way.

Amelia's fiancé left her after she ran into a burning building to save two children. The scarring on her face and arms meant her father would not be able to marry her off to further his business. Angry with her for her choice, he willed his home and possessions to his nephew and left Amelia high and dry.

Amelia arrived in Tanner's Ford to discover her wedding contract was with the MacDougal Devil, Ross, not sweet Nevin as she had expected. Ross is a half-breed, half Irish and half Native American. He too bears scars earned as an Indian warrior. Scary and rough, Ross enjoys the way his reputation keeps strangers at bay.

The chemistry is instantaneous. As she looks out her bridal suite window, she spots a man who ignites some serious lustful fantasies. And oh-happy-day when he strolls into her suite as her new husband!

The wanting is obvious and present from the start. It's the trust and love that sneaks up when they aren't looking. And in Tanner's Ford style, Amelia ends up welcoming Gillis and Nevin into her bed and heart too.

They married for duty and convenience. The fact that they both REALLY enjoyed the marital bed was a bonus, but neither expected anything more.

This is a full-length novel that just kept flying by. Honestly, it's one of those books where you look at it and can't believe how fast you read it. This isn't just a story about a couple. It's a story about a town and the relationships there. Tanner's Ford has some power hungry individuals and some self righteous pigs, but it's also filled with men, women and children who know kindness and generosity. Their struggles make them endearing. Their failures make them strong. Their compassion for each other makes them interesting. And their desire to love and be loved makes them relatable.

I laughed, I cried and I blushed more than once. With three sexy clansmen satisfying the only MacDougal wife, plenty of women friends to keep the banter going and my sides aching, and the dangers of living in the wild west keeping me on the edge of my seat, it was one truly satisfying ride I was unwilling to get off until the very end.

Just one question Ms. Butler: When is the next one arriving? I can't wait for more!

Ok, historical fans, cowboy fans, ménage fans, and just plain ol' oooh la la fans, this is one to definitely check out. This is more than satisfying, this is indulgence! Enjoy!
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